David Livingston

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since Apr 24, 2013
English eclectic and eccentric .
Having a varied life -scientist, educator , bookmaker, homefinder , investigator, beaurocrat and now home maker .
Dyslexic in two languages
I love the little patch of earth I hold in care for the future.
Age , yes ,politics very left left left .
Anjou ,France
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Recent posts by David Livingston

I too loved the idea of a geodesic dome right until I realized that they were not that practical and had lots of potential problems .
As you correctly identified in my opinion water collection would require a novel solution. That's engineering speak for WTF do we do . ?
A box is much simpler although I admit not as attractive solution.

19 hours ago
Rookhope , Weardale , Co Durham UK has no signal I used to live there.
Plus areas in the borders between England and Scotland also have poor or no signal .

1 day ago
Mangle wurzels are still grown in the UK commercially as cattle fodder

2 days ago

This is funniest thing ever a parody but with a good message . Its a hoot

I know some folks who tried this in the North east of the UK . They did not sell too well maybe because folks stopped eating them after the big myxamatosis plagues in the 60s and 70s and never got back in the habbit . Here in France its still quite popular I can even buy rabbit sausages :-)
2 days ago
Any who doubts that you can make a living by yourself read and see it can be done
2 days ago
I was thinking kibbutz :-) the origional ones not the religious ones that came later

I have just used glass rope myself in the past as the cement seems too brittle to cope with cleaning the chimney
How often do you clean the chimney ?
4 days ago
I go on Facebook I have a tough skin from my political posting ( anti Zionist and socialist ), every time it's reasonable I post a link to Permies I don't go on to push Permies just when something comes up like today someone asked about Hugleculture so I linked to the forum :-) every day spread the news a little
Did you see that song I mentioned your name in the comments Paul? Wish I knew how to post stuff on Permies from FB
Also I dislike such open questions can we all agree what makes a good Permaculture leader? I doubt we could all agree on how to make a cup of tea :-)
I think this discussion needs to be clear about a couple of differences between the european and american situation . Its is not common in european situations that you can offset charitable contributions against a proportion of your tax  whilst I am told that is the case in the USA also there is no demand to pay for medical bills as the europeans have mostly universal coverage