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Recent posts by Daniel Graves

Thanks for all the information.
I will see about doing a soil test to see whats lacking in the soil.
Keep up the great work!!

I am glad I found this site.

So I bought this plant from a local store.
It looked horrible when I got it.
So I decided that I would attempt to nurture it so it would grow.
I had it in the ground at first but it appeared to be dying so I put it in a pot that had some compost in it.
It grew a branch and leaves after doing this.

My main question is how can I get it to start bushing out?
Do I need to cut it back down to stalk?
I dont really know jack about blueberry bushes.
I am also a newbie gardener!
I have been reading alot and watching alot of great videos about gardening.
Planted my first garden about 2 weeks ago and everything is sprouting.
Must be doing something right.

A little advice that I can give you to help deal with bugs.

Take an empty shallow tuna can and nail it to a the top of a wooden stake about 3 1/2 feet.
Put some shelled peanuts in the container this will attract birds and once that show up they can also help get rid of other critters as well.
I suggest putting a water tray somewhere that the birds can drink from.
That will keep them away from your fruits and veggies,or whatever you may be growing.