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Lucy Gabzdyl

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since Apr 27, 2013
Canet lo Roig, Castellon, Spain: Mediteranean:cool wet winter, warm to hot dry summer
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This episode of Remedy is totally dedicated to Lyme disease (his son caught it during the filming of the series and has been cured using the techniques in this episode!

Only up for today!!!

Hope it helps
8 months ago
The tools look fantastic and the belt had me drooling! Unfortunately you don´t ship to Spain
9 months ago
Hi Adam

I´ve messaged Will Loughran on FB and he's happy to connect. Do you have a FB page, let me know what name you go by. I´m just under lucygabzdyl.

A blog would be a great idea. Keep me posted.

Kind regards to you and your wife

Lucy and David
10 months ago

Sounds fantastic!!! Look forward to hearing more, do you have a FB page, blog or website? I bought a small finca 1.8 hectares in Canet lo Roig, although still renting house in the village for the present. I too love permaculture and have just finished my online PDC with Geoff Lawton - he is sooo amazing learned loads! One of the TAs (Teaching assistants) was Will Loughran who was very helpful and he lives in Tenerife so might be a great contact for you. He is on Facebook as Will Loughran.

Good luck with all your projects!

PS My parents were Polish although I was born in the UK and now I feel very Spanish
10 months ago
Hi Molly and Clare
Was wondering if you had ever come across underground rammed earth house building? Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton say it´s the cheapest and quickest way to build following a ring/turkey nest dam/pond design making it flood proof, fire proof etc. I'm looking for anyone with info on the subject and experience building. Would love to build here in Spain and run it as a workshop so looking for a facilitator Would plan on using a digger for the main excavation rather than doing it by hand.
Any help / info would be most welcome.
11 months ago
I have 2 maritime containers and am looking for the simplest and cheapest way to collect rainwater from them.

Is anyone doing it? If so please let me know what has worked for you. Thanks
I want to build a rammed earth house below ground using a turkey nest or ring dam construction. Both Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton have said it is the cheapest and
quickest way to build and it´s flood proof and fire proof!
Geoff has built one for a prepper but unfortunately he isn´t in touch. I would love to connect with anyone who has built one as I need expert advice.

If you haven´t come across this type of construction before, the idea is you excavate a trench around the house site which will become your wall, you then excavate
the centre (the house) putting the most appropriate subsoil in the trench which the digger keeps compacting until you reach the desired height.  
You end up with a mainly underground house. You can put windows at the top under the roof, or cut out walls for door and windows.

Ideally, I would love to build one as a workshop to benefit from expert advice and to share the experience with others. It could be filmed.

I´m living on the East coast of Spain in Castellon some 30 km inland.

Would love to hear from you. Thanks
Hi Sebastien
Have sent you an email.

1 year ago
Hi Sebastien

So sorry to hear about the Xylella Fastidiosa. I had heard that it had landed in Spain from Brazil in your area and have been searching the internet for anyone who has successfully treated it using compost tea. I did find reference to a vineyard in California. I've also watched a lot of Elaine Ingham's videos and she says that with 70 to 100% coverage with compost tea you can beat most diseases, so long as the compost tea has all the biology required.

And she also gives me a lot of hope in that even if you do have to spray with the toxic chemicals, you can recover the biology very quickly if you have access to a quality compost tea. Maybe you have someone in the area that makes it.

I haven't started composting yet, that's next on my list (permaculture certainly is a steep learning curve) but I do have a small amount of worm compost.

Good luck with the food forest, I'm focusing initially on support species and found a great site that has some really interesting tree seeds. Although I haven't yet found a source for tagasaste - citisus proliferus a nitrogen fixer native of the Canary Islands. I haven't had much luck raising seeds so far, so fingers crossed!

This year we want to build a rammed earth 'root cellar' food storage and preparation as a ring dam design which seems to be the cheapest and quickest way. It's just too hot or too cold to stay in the caravan (it's very old) and so we are living in the village which is not ideal.

Thank you for your kind invitation, I will let you know when I plan to be in the area. Also, if you have any questions or would like to remain in contact, my mobile number is 654 32 07 35. David has green fingers when it comes to computers and although he hasn't worked specifically with Wordpress, he has designed and set up a number of websites, so do let us know what the problem is, maybe he can help.

There is also a new FB page called living off the grid in Spain run by Sandrine from Belgium who lives just a bit to the north of me in Aragon. She has alpacas!

Good luck with all your projects.
Lucy and David

1 year ago
Hi Sebastien

I'm a couple of hundred kilometres north of you in Canet lo Roig a small village in Castellon (just on the border with Catalunia). woud love to know more about your project - I have a very good friend in Albir so if I visit her I would love to pop in to see your set up. Have you got a website or FB page? My partner and I have been on our property of 1.8 hectares just over a year, it hadn't been worked for over 30 years and all the almond trees had died. But there are still a number of olilve trees but they will need some serious rehabilitation. Focusing on setting up our zone 1 veg patch (I have just completed Geoff Lawton's online PDC but feeling rather overwhelmed). Progress is slow and we hit a layer of caliche about a foot down, luckily only about 5 mm but as we aren't using power tools and don't have a car it's tough going. But sometimes the delays can be a real blessing. We didn't manage to plant any trees last year, a stroke of good luck as with the terrible drought we would have lost them all!

Look forward to hearing from you
Lucy and David
1 year ago