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Recent posts by wanda hermann

if you read enough German to order there (no other languages on their page)
they will ship to Denmark and almost everywhere in Europe

bought my perennial collards there and wow they taste good
9 years ago
I think it may have been a work of Patrick Blanc.

He builds a structure in front of the wall but if you search for living walls you find other systems too.
I love his work and like to visit his works when traveling.
9 years ago
hehe well, good to know. In German its a "Sternchenstrauch"
9 years ago
This is a deutzia, don't know the common english name.
9 years ago
there is a virus called "Tabakmosaikvirus" in German ( sorry quick google didn't give me an english name) which also likes tomatoes that you could get into your soil with the cigarettes theoretically.
At least during my apprenticeship as a gardener we weren't allowed to smoke in the greenhouses with tomatoes because of it.
So if you don't plan to grow tomatoes or tobacco you should be fine.
10 years ago
I'm in Saxony here. Wouldn't call what I'm doing permaculture yet - just trying to incorporate some of the principles into my garden.
And sadly nobody I talk to about permaculture around here has ever heard about it before.

Interestingly enough grandma used to have a small urban (well its a small town near a big one ) farm during ww2 and after. So I started out trying to recreate that especially since one old customer still existed. I just wish I would have found permaculture back then.
10 years ago
the first looks like amaranth or quinoa to me. I'm pretty sure its not basil.
10 years ago

a bit late but I read your post just now.
I'm living in Saxony, Germany. So I know quite a bit about the conditions you're working with.
We have locally the same problem with not only sandy soil but literally living on a really big sand dune with a bit of topsoil on top.
Read about or watch on youtube Permaculture strategies for deserts and drylands as that may be helpful unless you want to bring in a lot of clay to change you soil structure.
I do a lot of gardening and selling produce to the neighours and passersby and if I want to harvest a decent amount I have to water in july and august. So maybe some rainwater catchment might help to tide you over those months.
And mulch, mulch, mulch. Since I read about permaculture and started mulching every bit of soil that isn't completely overgrown, I have to water at least half as much as before.
Even if you can't fell the trees that produce so much shade, same laws here many neighours just cut them down halfway when they get too high. So they are quite a bit shorter and need some years to regrow so big.
If you don't know if your soil is acidic try to google for "Zeigerpflanzen" there are some lists online. You only have to know what weeds are growing and they tell you what soil conditions they prefer and what you have.
We have lots of stinging nettle and it prefers slight acidic, nutrient rich soils for instance.
We have planted lupins in between the currants and mulch them with horse manure but this year I will try to establish some wood strawberries underneath maybe that works for you too.
I'm a bit more south than you so we can grow peaches but in our wet climate they are prone for fungal infections what helps here is to make "Schachtelhalmbruehe" (sorry don't know the english common name) and spray it over the trees.
Just try searching for the term "Pflanzenjauche" and you get a lot of recipes.