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Write blog posts/forum posts with referral links to Bing Rewards and Swagbucks. Bing gives you $1.50 per referral for up to 5 people (at this time... this number goes up and down), and Swagbucks gives you 10% of your referral's earnings for life. You do have to log in to redeem your cash, so it's not 100% passive, but every penny counts!

Plus, if you use Bing as your search engine instead of Google, you get points for searching. Again, not entirely passive, but if you are doing internet searches anyway, might as well get paid for them!
I create worksheets and sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

So far, I have created 54 worksheets, and haven't done any promoting. I made $20 in November and didn't add a single item to my store. Of course, sales are a roller coaster, based on the time of year (your sales will come screeching to a halt during summer vacation and Christmas break). I would imagine that, since September, I have about 10 hours of work into my store.

People who promote the heck out of their stores can make a solid, 5-figure income. Or, you can leave your store sit there and let the money slowly trickle in. It would be cool to see some Permie-themed worksheets out there!

And, you don't actually have to be a teacher to sell (I am not a licensed teacher, but I do work in schools).
The Geoff Lawton free weekly videos would be a cool addition to a channel too, assuming you could get permission (but who doesn't like free publicity?).
Well that means you will still get 10 things done, and that's about 9.5 more than I am going to get done today! The shutdowns are a great time to recharge the batteries
Nice to see that there is a "blatant advertising" section now! I've spent a lot of time lurking around here but am familiar with Paul's empire, and enjoy these boards a lot.

Recently, I started a blog about getting out of debt and building our dream homestead. It was slow going, but I think I am finally gaining some readers!

I mentioned Paul's podcast in a blog post yesterday, and would love it if you would take a minute and read! It is located at

It's something small, but hopefully it will infect a few people with the permaculture bug and bring a few people over to Paul's empire

I also have a facebook page, and would appreciate any likes I can get! And please let me know that you are a fellow Permie, because I'd love to see where people are finding my page.
6 years ago
My favorites are:
Dave Ramsey Show (financial advice)
eBay Scavengers (eBay discussions)
Harvest Eating (cooking with Chef Keith Snow, also a Montana guy)
Mountain Folk (folk and bluegrass music)
Quit! (career advice)
The Voluntary Life (freedom/liberty/simplicity)
7 years ago
I'd love to help permies out on my blog/facebook page, but I would probably want to wait until I get a bit more traffic. It's a new site and I only have about 200 "likes" on facebook. But once I can get some more people in, I'd be happy to write a blog post! (I'd do it now, but I'm just afraid it won't infect enough people)

Last weekend, I shared Paul's keynote speech video from the S. California Permaculture Convergence and it got a like!
Hi! Where in MN are you located?
7 years ago
I'll second the local facebook swap/shop groups. You'll be dealing with people locally and have a better chance at getting responses from legit buyers. We are almost ready to give up CL altogether in favor of these groups.
7 years ago