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Wj Carroll wrote:Does anyone know how to drill/bore a straight hole/channel through the center, end to end, of a 6 ft long closet/curtain rod?  Basically, I want to run a piece of 6 ft long metal conduit straight through.

I've used specialty drill bits for electrical. They are for going down walls. You would have to set up a jig to keep it straight and go in and out of the hole numerous times to clear the shavings, but it would bore the rod.

Good luck,


I like the split it in half method too.
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:

What are some topics to cover for season 2?

I would like to see you guys go over some of the cooking rockets stoves. Like Matt Walker's stove and the many others out there. Heat your cabin and cook your food.
3 months ago
I like to use bones with plenty of marrow. And I cook it for three days. I made a really nice one where I first lightly fried chopped beef heart in a skillet with clarified butter and olive oil then added that to the bones and simmered at least 10 hours a day and then let it cool overnight on the stove and heat it up again in the morning topping off water until the last day. In the end I added onion and carrot and celery with some chili peppers and salt until is was luscious.

Another great one I made in a huge pot hanging on a tripod with the pot to the side of the fire. I kept the fire hot all day and into the eve for two days then I stripped the bones the next morning and everything fell off easy. I then added some veggies and some organic veggie salt and it was perfect.

If you want to go crazy, save all your onion peels; tomato and carrot ends; hearts and ends of celery; any other waste bit of veggie and keep it in the freezer until you can fill a huge pot. Then boil it to half for three times then strain combine this with the bone stock that you did the same with. My uncle does this and wins any sauce or soup contest he has entered. mmmm yummy!

Good luck!
3 months ago
Maybe you could look into using an umbrella system like John Hait uses in his Passive annual heat storage buildings (PAHS). The umbrella would keep your structure dry and help increase your thermal mass.

4 months ago
My favorite recipe for this I learned in Vienna, they call it glüh wein. I make it every winter, and it is so good.

So for red wine you take
2 cinnamon sticks
3-5 cloves
1 whole mace blade
3 cardamon pods cracked
one whole lemon sliced

and then for every bottle of wine/ liter or quart you add 3 tablespoons of dark honey (chestnut honey is great) or 3 of demerara sugar

I like to bring the pot up to a simmer in the morning and then turn off the heat and let is rest all day covered and then heat it again in the eve to drink

For white wine you change the lemon to an orange

5 months ago

Marishka Noyb wrote:Would Hemp work for thatching?

From what I've read, they had to paint the hemp ropes because they would rot from the inside out if wet. I'm not sure if the stalks would rot in the same way because it was the fibers that made the rotting rope. This rotting is why they switched to jute.

Could be an interesting experiment to see if the whole plant has better rot properties than when made into rope. Maybe on a shed?

6 months ago
I remember the smell of burning peat on the beach at our bonfire made from peat near Glen Head. There is plenty of smoke from peat, so I would think it would work in a RMH just fine. You can always dry stack some bricks in a rocket pattern and test fire it and you should see if it will work, but I'm thinking it will work fine. I think I would go with a batch burn though, because you get those great coals from peat and they could build up and stay for quite some time; they could clog up the burn tunnel in a J tube or the feed tube in a L tube, maybe they won't but I think having chamber for them to sit in is good insurance.  I like to make my burn chambers bigger to accommodate ash and to keep the smoke in the chamber when I open the door. But I'm sure you can find something that will work well for you. Either way I hope you post pix of what you come up with.

Good luck,

7 months ago
Years ago I saw a tunnel like arbor made entirely out of fused pear trees. The trees were 8' on center  and arched up to about 11' high where they curved over and were grafted to the tree on the opposite side and the branches were trained laterally and grafted together. The tunnel was filled with pears and cooler than outside the structure.

7 months ago
You might be able to figure it out from this site: http://earthship.com/blogs/earthship-designs/global-model-earthship/#prettyPhoto[postimages]/5/
or http://earthship.com/blogs/earthship-designs/global-model-earthship/
or the main page:  http://earthship.com/Designs/

I see measurements in the drawings/pictures

Good luck, 

7 months ago
I was wondering if you could improve the drying time by adding a feature in some of the solar dehydrators.
What if you put an air inlet into the shed up high that gets it air from a ceramic pipe laid into the ground so the air would be cooler going in, so less moisture, and then had the air going out come from the bottom of the room and then pipe it to the chimney and have this pipe surround the chimney and exit up and out of the building with the warm exhaust. The top of the chimney would look like a donut and the lower inlet pipe could act as an air lock. My theory is that like the solar ones the warm moist air will flow easily down because of the weight and then the double chimney will create the suction to pull it out of the building like the black pipe does on the downdraft solar dehydrator. Just a thought.
7 months ago