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There are some really fast growing Asinima Triloba (paw paw trees) and they generally wait to sprout until way later than most trees. My trees don't start to leaf and flower out until May. And some of these are bred to produce early. Maybe you could get a small orchard of paw paws to grow out there. Would be great to see.

Maybe one of these will work for you?  https://plantdatabase.earth/pawpaw

And you might be able to grow butter nut, black walnut and some types of hickory nut and maybe American chestnut if you source from Canada, probably from New Brunswick or the islands that will have a similar maritime climate as you.
3 months ago

Lana Weldon wrote:
Btw, cashews can't be eaten raw, they are always steamed before being sold (otherwise they would be inedible/poisonous).

The poison in the cashew is actually a coating in the shell. The chemical is like the one in poison oak. So it is hard to crack one and get the seed out without getting the resin on the seed. I did hear of one company that found a way to do it without having to remove the resin first— why they are cooked. As far as I know they have kept the secret and are a monopoly on a true raw cashew.  So those cashews can be eaten raw and the only thing poisonous would be the anti nutrients found in other seeds. I knew some raw foodists that would seek those out so they could soak them for 12 hours before making cashew cheese.

6 months ago
I'll get some pictures of the older design when I get home. The new burn chamber is too difficult to use. So we are going to shorten it. The old design was 3 1/2 bricks deep and 1 1/2 bricks wide with 4 layers on edge and the port was raised off the floor about 2/3 rd's of a brick height to leave room for the ash build up. The door was below the fourth layer so the smoke would more easily go to the port which was higher than the door. This system was easiest to use, but a volunteer threw in wood too many times and broke the port. Hence the side burn now. I think we will go back to the first version now with some iron cage to protect from volunteer gusto. And yes we get huge flames going into the oven. That is why we load them staggered so the flames can burn better without hitting each other. It is a nice effect, but we get better consistent heat if we let one roar and as it simmers down we load the other and away it goes.
8 months ago

r ranson wrote:How could I fix this lamp base?

Plastic is crumbling and the cement (?) Under it is also starting to crack.  But otherwise seems stable.

It scratches the floor.  Otherwise works great.  Love this lamp.

You could turn it upside down and put a small flange around it the fill it with fiberglass and resin with black dye making sure the flange is non stick. That aught to make the base solid. One approach.
Or you could carefully remove the concrete and plastic and re pour the concrete and add some nuts in your bottom form that you could screw in some rubber feet after. Grease some bolts to hold the space during the pour. Remove them a day after the pour and put the new ones with rubber on a week after or just set them in there from the start-- they might not adjust as easily that way though.
I'm sure there are easier ways, but, those two should work fine, but might not work for every person.

Good luck, I hope you find a solution that works well for you.
9 months ago
Hi Luca,

Sorry I didn't get the message there was a new post here.

Here are some pix of the oven.
We still have to add the secondary air feed, so we have to be careful how much wood we put in, but it throws out a lot of heat. The foot pedal is for the guillotine door that helps get the oven really hot.
10 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Sean Henry wrote:Now that it has ended is there a way to change the shipping info. I want just the downloads and not the DVDs ($150 level). I could not find where to change it?


I'm not sure, but I think all the things are locked down.  BUT!  if you did pay for shipping (instead of the virgin islands trick) then we will have some lovely alternatives for you.

I bumped mine up to 40 but did it on a phone so it stayed at the 20$ reward but had the 40$ pledge. I hope I can get the solar dehydrator plans because I was going to build one for a friend soon and I thought why not kill two birds with one stone? I couldn't find the Virgin Islands thing on my phone during my break. Sorry.
10 months ago
Hi Luca,

I built a rocket stove pizza oven. And we have rebuilt it to fix some problems.

The basic design is to take a barrel type wood oven and on the back arch you extend the arch to create an opening for the rocket exhausts to go into the oven.
I have two six inch batch burn rocket stoves under the oven, one for each side. The risers extend into the oven and go 2" above the floor to both bring in flame and heat and prevent things from falling from the oven into the riser.

The first change was to create a higher burn chamber and to raise the port at the back so the smoke would go to the riser rather than the door when you load more wood, a pizza oven will take many loads. We made sure the top of the door was at least 2" below the top of the port.
That was done on version one.
On version two we have made the wood burn chamber ridiculously larger. I was worried, but it burned well. It is just over 4' or 1.3m deep. We also made the rockets riser on the side of the burn chamber, both original riser ports were destroyed by enthusiastic helpers throwing wood into the burn chamber with too much vigor. Now with the risers on the side and to the rear of the rockets, there is a bit more resistance. And the secondary air comes from below now, the upper one burned out fast, the rocket pizza oven is kept at a high temperature for 5-7 hours so lower secondary air is easier to replace and less steel is exposed to the high heat.

This oven has been used in a restaurant for over a year now and has performed well. The main thing that was needed to make the rocket part work was the door. The first door was a box kind of door, basically a rectangular piece of chimney with a slit on the oven side as low as possible with the area of a 8"/20cm chimney pipe. That lowers the heat layer to bring the temperature of the bricks up to temp quicker. When that box failed and a normal door was put in the oven did not preform as well as before. A new one is being built and it will open guillotine style now via foot pedal.

I can send you pictures if you want?

Good luck
10 months ago
Hi Paul,

I plan on supporting this one too. I just have been very busy lately and look at emails maybe once or twice per week and only glance at them. I'm going to buy to support you, because I appreciate what you do for permaculture, I've built a few rocket ovens now and helped with others to build theirs, so I wasn't too anxious to sign up for this one. I hope this will give me a different design as different points of view are great for expanding horizons and by the way-- the stretch goals are great. Regardless, I want to help so I hope to have the time within the next few days. I apologize for not being able to help earlier.

11 months ago
After Chernobyl, the mushrooms that grew under where the cloud passed were radioactive for quite a while. I think you might have good results if you till in a lot of sawdust and then seed it with mushroom spores, oyster mushrooms seem to do well at accumulating heavy metals. When they fruit you collect all the mushrooms and find ways to get rid of that or process it.

There is a guy who proposes to grow the accumulators and then burn the plants after (I suppose in an electric generation plant?) and use the ash as an ore to sell to places that need these minerals. His name is Rufus Chaney. At least with his approach the toxic stuff is not just getting thrown into a landfill.

Here is a wikipedia page I found on the accumulators for the various minerals:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hyperaccumulators

Maybe someone can try them out and see if they help.
1 year ago
Welcome Dr. Tilgner, I hope you have a great time here!

Any advise as to what plants would make great medicinal essential oils?

Thank you.
1 year ago