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Opening for intern
Learn to communicate with Nature and other energies
Apply communication skills to doing  Permaculture  projects

Learn what few teach
Learn to get your own answers
Open your intuition

Beautiful, Abundant ,Rural, off grid location

If Interested
Please Moosage me here

Blessings for abundant Health
Heart Traveler

Some ideas  to keep wood from checking
These were shared with me by old school Bulgarian, now deceased

Avoid wood containing the pith ( center of tree) if possible
Boil green piece  to be worked in water (55 gallon barrel over camp fire) to relieve tension, then slowly air dry

I hope this is helpful

1 year ago
Hi Gretchen,
Me name is Douglas , I believe our friend Trina introduced us at  Clovers a while back. I am interested in connecting with you about your post for sharing the land.
I can be reached by Email  naturegearhead@gmail.com.
I look forward to hearing from you
Happy Solstice,
3 years ago
Mulch with fresh, local, wood chips. they will hold moisture, loosen clay and after some time, provide nutrients. kiln dried shavings are not nearly as good
5 years ago
I lived with NiFe batteries for many years, they are very durable! The voltage range (from below 10 to over 16.5 for a 12 volt nominal set) can be a huge challenge, DC light bulbs and other dc items can easily cook. AC loads through an Inverter are a better option, though the inverter must be compatible with the voltage range to make full use of the batteries.
6 years ago