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Recent posts by Kai Rupe

A friend and I are looking into a animal feed business of pelletizing tree leaves and selling them. We're thinking mulberry, locus, willow, maybe moringa as they coppice well and are leaves that animals like to browse. I'm thinking this would mainly be a nutritional supplement. We just began our research and sending feelers out to see what the demand is. A internet search didn't reveal anything for any businesses doing this. Anyone familiar with pelletizing leaves? Any advice from the animal experts out there?
Ive heard of Mr. Kip, I haven't met him yet. I think he divides his time between Columbia and somewhere upstate. He did the last PDC, I think two years ago now. Hes involved in the Rosewood Orchard too.

I made a little FaceBook Group to get some people connected for the Midlands area, we have a couple farmers and some backyarders (Midlands SC Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture) I try and find local training and things and post, hopefully 2018 we can get some things together as a group.
2 years ago
Not sure of this is closer for you or not. Columbia, SC

I have two years until retirement, I'm going to make it my mission to see what I can do about adding some PDCs to GI Bill, I'll see what the process is to get things added. If manicurist license is on there I'm sure i can get some PDCs on there.

Also Missouri University has a online Agroforestry Masters, I contacted them, it doesnt matter what your undergrad is. You just have to do an essay for acceptance into their program.

Will definitly look into courses at Yestermorrow natural building school, I didnt see them on the listing though.
6 years ago
I have a home in Blythewood, but currently in Afghanistan until Sept. I'm planning on buying a chunk of land (20+ acres) when I get back to farm once I retire in two years, Fairfield County seems to be leading the way. Im into the restorative agriculture, food forests, nuts, fruits and understory ect... Super excited to put the military time behind me and start the next chapter in my life. Columbia area does seem behind for the movement, but all the better to start those connections and get it going and help each other out.
6 years ago
Just getting to the area, in search of land/house now. Would like to find other local permie people to help. learn from, hang out with whatever...

Im a 37 yo strait male.

7 years ago