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since Jun 14, 2013
Bellingham, WA (Zone 7)
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Recent posts by Kitty Davidhizar

I wonder why no one has mentioned the venerable Sears Roebuck catalog. That's what they used to use in the out houses when we went to visit my cousins in Michigan. Oh, that's right there's no Sears catalog any more.
Anyway, I'm saving my phone directories for that purpose for TEOTWAWKI. Though they keep getting smaller and smaller.
5 years ago
Does anyone know if there has been an investigation into whether the fruit of full sized trees, as opposed to dwarf trees, is more nutritious, because the roots can reach further to get to more minerals, etc. in the ground?
I think I've listened to all your podcasts. There's one thing I don't get with permaculture. How do annuals work? I know some plants selfseed but that is not a sure thing, right? How would people get all their food from permaculture? There are not enough perennials in the northern climates to provide everything people eat. I drive past monoculture fields of berries and corn and wheat. But how would enough of this food be produced for all the people in a permaculture based society?