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Recent posts by jocelyn badley

Thanks for the tip, Robert! Do you find the strawberry spinach tasty? I've read comments from others that they don't find it particularly good to eat.
10 years ago
Thanks for your reply Ed! I am looking at the Richter's website right now! Thanks for the tip.
I would love some seeds if your Caucasian Spinach ever produces any. I've done a quick look online and it looks like there are lots of people looking for seeds, but no one who knows where to get any
And I am definitely considering goumi now. I'll have to see if there's anywhere that's likely to stay warm enough.
11 years ago
I am new to this forum and I realize this thread hasn't been updated in awhile but I thought I would add my two cents' worth. (After all I found it from google so others may be doing the same!) I'm in Edmonton, AB which is Zone 3a, so I almost feel your pain, although I imagine the difficulty I have in finding hardy perennials for z3 is probably multiplied many times for z2

I've only had my garden for a few years but I am in the process of trying to win a new section of it back from the weeds to develop an edible perennial garden. I also have lots of edible perennials growing elsewhere in my garden but I really want to focus on them for this new area (not as ambitious as it sounds - it's about 8 feet square)

I thought I might as well share my research, so here it is in a google doc if anyone is interested. I'm still working on it but the link will update automatically.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I would be happy to hear them!
Take care
11 years ago