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Recent posts by Linda Kurtz

Can anyone address the safety of adding unidentified mushrooms from my yard to my compost pile? I'm motivated to inoculate my compost with mycelium (after watching Geoff Lawton's soil video) but would rather turn an on-site problem into a solution than spend money on inoculants. Its a lazy compost pile - so probably doesn't get very hot and definitely doesn't get much turning!
4 years ago

David Lynch wrote:Sounds wonderful, but I am afraid it would not be practical for me to attend in person. However, I am very interested in the topics outlined for the appropriate technology section, and I would be willing to pay an appropriate amount of money for some form of document or media file with the contents. I feel confident that I would not be the only one...

So, in response to your query... The AT course would be TRULY EPIC for me if I could learn from it while remaining physically in Mexico!

Saludos a todos!

Yup. No way for me to be there physically, any way to offer video or a paper form of the classes?
Welcome Arthur!
I purchased a copy of your book a couple years ago thru Maine Primitive Skills School, I've forgotten his name. But, he and many of his teachers were at The Pathfinder Gathering in southern Ohio and had copies of your book to sell. (You are or were affiliated with them, yes?) They helped me make my first bow drill fire! Anyway, we use your book regularly as part of our homeschool journey. Thanks for the work you put into it.

6 years ago
Looks like you're eating well! My mouth is watering. Maybe a lab cookbook?
6 years ago
Thanks, Ben.

I posted my top 5 "Must Do's" for 2014 in another forum. Purchasing clumping bamboo, getting it sited and happy was #6! I'm told in Zone 5 that the clumping variety for my area needs some shade in hottest part of the day.
We'll have to compare notes at the end of the season. Good luck fellow bamboo growers.
6 years ago
a wonderful resource is Bamboo Gardens. The website is I live in zone 5 and they were able to give me all the info I needed to determine a variety of bamboo to suit my climate, needs etc.

6 years ago
I would like to grow tea bushes also; I haven't figured out how to - I'm in zone 5. These will be herbs for teas. If you figure out the tea growning process, let me know!
6 years ago
To Do’s for 2014

1. water management – ditches, swales, hugelkulture mounds, downspouts, barrels, pond, rain garden(s)
2. Plant, keep alive the 50+ trees and bushes coming to live here in the next month
3. Keep up with sap from maple trees to make as much maple syrup as possible (small scale)
4. Start perennial seeds for food forest and tea gardens
5. Annual vegetable garden planted, maintained, harvested and preserved

Yikes! Too much more to do!
6 years ago
Its a month later. Are there still jump drives?
When you figure out how to train the chickens to eat the chestnut weevils, let me know! I was hoping if I penned into the area (at the correct time) they would get the little buggers. If I recall, there is a window in the spring and again before they head up into the trees that my girls would have the chance to get them.
Good Luck.
6 years ago