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North-Central Idaho, 4100 ft elev., 24 in precip
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Recent posts by Dave Dahlsrud

Thanks for the clarification!  This sounds like an exciting project, we're in!!  Where do we sign up and when can we start?
1 week ago
Quick question.....Is the zone requirement based on the USDA map or on actual observed temps?  The map shows us as 6a, but we're in a cold microclimate and temps yearly dip into that -13F to -16F range for a few days each winter.....-27F this winter!  If that works we'd be happy to take on this challenge!!
3 weeks ago
I give this book 8 out of 10 acorns.

I received my copy as part of a giveaway here on Permies back in the day and thought I'd share a review....finally.

It's super informative about all things wood gasifier, and has great illustrations/ instructions on how to recreate Ben's success building these marvels!  There are specs for getting parts machined along with contact information to purchase specialized bits and pieces.  I especially appreciate the step by step guidelines for making wood gasifiers reliable and efficient.  This is a great companion for anyone who is "off grid" but still relying on propane that want to actually be off grid!  Check it it's well worth the read!!!
1 year ago
I give this one   9.5 out of 10 acorns.

Katz opens a new world of fermentation with out of the box ferments backed up with real world science!  The concepts introduced are empowering to both the beginning or experienced home fermentor.  Exposing the healing power of fermentation changing dead foods to living medicine is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is a must read for anyone with even the slightest desire to create healthy feented food for themselves or their loved ones.
1 year ago
Another option for online shopping is a startup called https://organicnearby.com/
Their just getting going but if we poor some Permies support their way we might be able to really creat a strong local network of food resilience.  Check it out and if you have anything to sell or contribute they're super easy to work with!

1 year ago
Count me in on this one as well.  This is the kind of information that a person can get something new from every time they watch or listen. I would love to be able to attend in person, but that wouldn't be a reality for another couple of years....this project would make a great substitute for the time being!
1 year ago
We live in a similar climate as The Lab and my thoughts go-to keeping that thing from freezing solid and cracking the sides out during the winter if there isn't a whole lot of usage.  Could something like this rocket soaker maybe incorporated into a Truly Passive Greenhouse/WOFATI design or would the moisture/humidity be too much for a structure like that?
1 year ago
Just curious if there's been thought/discussion on squaring off the inside of the vertical log hive so that you could use standard-ish sized frames?  Maybe do a side by side with a rounded out vs squared off vertical log hive to see which works out better...
1 year ago
With all things being equal on a project like this (I e. appropriate soil conditions, etc) would it be best to install terraces on the  shorter &steeper vs longer w/ less slope aspect of the property?  The property I'm working on is approx 336 ft by 660 ft, just trying to develop enough water flow to establish and orchard.  Similar climate as Missoula but less heat in the summer/ cold in the winter.
I'm in!  This should be a great step forward in addressing all of the greenhouse "suck factor"!
3 years ago