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I give this one 10 out of 10 acorns.
My brother in law randomly gave me Omnivore's Dilemma one year and once I picked it up I didn't put it down.  It's infectious in the best way possible.  I credit this book with starting me down the permaculture path, introducing my family to the work of Joel Salatin, and eventually leading me here to Permies!!!  Michael Pollan documents the three major food producing systems that our society has to offer and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions and solutions.  This may not be for everyone, but I really appreciated his relatively unbiased portrayal of our food production systems without demonizing any particular producer.  It's a great read and a really good way to inspire folks to come up with solutions or just be angry at a bad guy if they want to!  A little bit of something for everyone!!!
4 weeks ago
I give this 9 out to f 10 acorns.

It always struck me as odd that you had to purchase special cultures to make cheese at home.....well guess what you don't!!!  David Asher explains the the how and the why of making nearly every type of cheese imaginable.
Based solely on the environment and treatment of your ferment you can choose what kind of cheese you want using only the naturally occurring cultures in raw milk or kefir!  This is truly a game changer for the home dairy, I wish we would have gotten this book when we brought home our milk cow.  Even if you don't have your own cow or access to raw milk the author lines out exactly how to create your own starters and create the conditions necessary to whip up your own batch of whatever flavor of cheese you want.  This one's a winner for sure!!!
4 weeks ago
I give this book 8 out of 10 acorns......
Building a Better World in your back yard is chocked full of information on how to do just that!  Everything from simple lifestyle changes to blowing holes in corporate manipulation of how we "should" be living our lives, it's in there.  I feel like this book hits the bull's eye for its stated purpose....getting permaculture into the minds of folks who otherwise wouldn't be able or willing to think about it.  The early copy (thanks guys for letting me have a sneak peak!) was a fairly easy read, with a good flow and layout.  For folks who are familiar with Paul and his work (i.e. listened to all his podcasts, read his articles, prowling the forums here for a while) there's not a whole lot of new information here.  This wasn't supposed to be a bunch of new information though and the authors were pretty open about that from the start so that's ok!

 I like the collaboration of the authors and the overall polishing of Paul's work turned out very well....smoothed a little to be slightly less abrasive for some and creates a bigger audience for permaculture.  I will have no second thoughts about giving a physical copy of this book to my 80 year old mother-in-law or letting my teenage daughter thumb through it!  Well written an edited, a very good product...well done folks, well done!!!
1 month ago
Another thing to watch out for with Ruth Stout's methods or any deep mulch technique is that it can make a really great habitat for some pretty destructructive vermin.  Not just snails and slugs but mice and voles as well.  Over time the predictors will move in, but in the beginning steps should be taken to minimize those destructructive little creatures!  Having a heavy border of course wood chips surrounding your beds helps quite a bit with the file problem.....
1 month ago
Gotta let me them two-fers!!!  Most of the modern beef breeds produce more milk than they need to raise a calf so you should be just fine milking her.  Any idea what breed the daddy is?
1 year ago
BTW, if you're looking to ferment the spent brewers grain (someone mentioned that earlier) you'll need to supply some sort of carbohydrate since most will be leached out of the grains in the brewing process.  I've used soaked fresh grains for this with pretty good success int he past.  Lot's of protein not much carbohydrate in the the spent grains so you'll need to take that into account as you formulate your feed ration.  I like pigs and chickens/ducks for the grains myself....
1 year ago
To get a really good idea of what that pasture will sustainable support you'll want to get a forage inventory done.  You can contact your local NRCS or soil conservation district and they'll likely do the testing for you.  Once you find out exactly how much forage your land produces you can figure the carrying capacity.  You'll get pretty good regrowth with your long growing season and irrigated pasture, but you will want to make sure you have a long enough rest to fully recover your pasture between grazing events.  That time will likely change from season to season and you'll have to be flexible to get the best results from your land.  Figure out how much forage you've got and go from there.  Your cattle will need to consume in the neighborhood of 3% of their body weight in dry matter daily, more if you're looking to finish an animal on pasture.
1 year ago
I'd go with Jevon's Grow Biointinsive method for what you are describing.  Predominantly staples and compostables, and a smaller percentage of what most people would consider "garden" crops (i.e. tomatoes, greens, etc).  Check out the Biointinsive method for specific recommendations....
1 year ago
Looks like everything is working like a champ now!!

paul wheaton wrote:

Dave Dahlsrud wrote:Looks like it works pretty well with Helen's presentation!

Dave, my records show that you bought helen's presentation just as a normal, direct purchase, not as a gift.  

If you did buy it as a gift, then we found a bug in our stuff.   But I am seeing the other purchases as gifts.

Paul, so I totally screwed that one up, but I'm on a mobile device and going back through I'm not seeing the buy as a gift option on any of the links so it doesn't look like it works with my android phone chrome browser...