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John Weiland wrote:Does anyone know if 3D printing is, in any way, being fused with plastic recycling?  I recall a thread some time ago about some movement and machinery that melts and re-molds plastic for new uses.  Is there a 3D printer concept out there that has envisioned using waste plastic as a raw material that could be liquified and used in the printing?

You might be thinking of precious plastics. They developed a DIY shredder and injection molding platform. webpage

Now 3D print can fit in this realm as well. But that is based on the material used, like PETG or PEEK. The most common 3D plastic is PLA. PLA is a plant and starch based bio-plastic. PLA is recyclable and there are recyclers that make new filament out of the old prints. PLA will also break down in UV light ever so slowly, like say 100+ years.
4 days ago

Simon Torsten wrote:You have always 3D printed.

The big push for 3D printing isa push for removing the human element.

Slip Form masonry:

Oh I don't know. When a building is built who do people remember -- the architect or the contractor? Everybody knows Frank Llloyd Wright. Anybody tell me who built FallingWaters?  The point is the idea has always been pinnacle of what defines humanity. The effort to make it real defines its depth.
4 days ago

T Simpson wrote:
If you have a large enough printer maybe print some patterns for making concrete or metal casting molds?

I have given some thought to making brick molds as  interlocking pieces. Have just not modeled it up yet.
Personally I am putting my stimmy checks into gold. There is going to be an inflation surge to beat the band in about 24 months.
1 week ago

Dustin Rhodes wrote:I just learned my local library has a 3D printing lab - not sure what costs are associated with it(if any).

I don't know if i can think of any products to make for homestead use or sale, but I definitely would use it to craft custom Christmas ornaments,or design toys for my kids - so it's a savings from having to pay someone else to do it(in certain cases).

A roll of filament (generic PLA) is about $20-25 per kg. Some of the fancier stuff costs a bit more. My Cura slicer will tell me how many grams of filament is required so I can estimate the cost pretty closely. I usually estimate at 3c/g.
Most of my efforts right now for 3D print is for repair items around the home. For Example:

* Picked up a meat slicer for $4 @ garage sale. He sold it because the washer that holds the blade tight to the shaft was missing and it wobbled. Made model, printed, mounted and now I buy my lunch meats in bulk and save $$.
* I have made spare keys by printing them. (Moral, never let anyone take a picture of your keys.)
* Made a new gasket for the neighbor down the way 3D printed.
* Right now I am printing out net cups and end walls for a nft unit I am constructing.
* A random hook to hang tools in the shop.
Love NiFe batteries. They last forever and have a forgiving maintenance requirement. But they have to be matched to your application. They have a lower discharge rate than LiOn, and are quite heavy in comparison. But that service life, nothing beats it.
1 week ago