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since Jul 09, 2013
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Recent posts by Megan Palmer

How are you getting along with your greenhouse Rusty? This might be useful if you haven’t already completed it
1 week ago

Judson Carroll wrote:

Honestly, I have no idea how to do that - only option I see is "image link".  It is a Christian herbalist group... a bit different from what we usually discuss here at Permies.  I doubt most folks would be interested, and I probably shouldn't have posted, for modesty's sake alone.  But, there is no delete option on Permies... so I guess it stands  It was nice to be included and mentioned though

On a computer, there’s a print screen key after pressed, you can you can paste it to a word document then cut and paste into a post here. If you are on a tablet or phone, pressing the home key and the side key simultaneously takes a screen shot. Sorry am not near a computer to give you more comprehensive instructions. There are also free apps that you can download - search for “apps to copy screen displays”
2 weeks ago
Perhaps you could screenshot the page for those who don’t wish to create an account on the site.
2 weeks ago
How about using the dead chickens in a maggot bucket? Here's a thread about how to
2 weeks ago

Anne Miller wrote:What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?

3 weeks ago
A small country indeed, Ben gave me a bag of experimental biochar he made using spent grape seed pips in exchange for some stropharia rugosoannulata that he used to make a slurry to innoculent wood chips in the Hawea food forest.

Another one of the apple varieties mentioned in the Heritage food crops article is Hetlina that was available at Ben’s budding workshop. Unfortunately, although my graft took, a possum attacked the tree and chewed off the branch😔
3 weeks ago
Hello Phil,
would love to trade some of your Monty’s surprise for scions from our community garden orchard, have nine or ten apples from the SCES collection as well as a few peaches, apricots, plums of which several are stone grown from local trees - white free stone peach from Hawea via Ben Elms aka Dr Compost who demonstrated t budding at a workshop at the gardens, a Gibbston black boy peach aka blood peach, peche de vigne, Christmas plum, Roxburgh apricots, golden queen etc.

Will pm you.

Many thanks, Megan
3 weeks ago
Here is another article about Monty’s Surprise and the research that has been conducted on it
3 weeks ago

Lorinne Anderson wrote:Two mothers and two daughters spend the day at the beach, each painting a lovely landscape.

At the end of the day, they load up, and carefully place each of the three paintings in the car. How is it there are only three paintings?

Grandmother, mother and daughter
1 month ago