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Recent posts by Megan Palmer

Sorry, it's just one of the ranges that they offer, it'll be one of the different thicknesses of ply that they offer
1 week ago
Have you tried calling Jamieson's of Shetland to ask about their wool?

They have a lovely selection of muted colours in their Spindrift range that look as though they are undyed.

In the past, I purchased single ply skeins for a shawl from them and they posted all the way to nz for me.
1 week ago
do you have any building paper that you could lay between the battens and the tiles to divert the water?

does the top of the roof need a cap?
1 week ago
Beside the date of each comment, there is a small symbol that looks like a dog eared page which is the link for that comment, tap and copy the link, go to your profile page and paste it to the notes section of your profile.

Alternatively, you could create a word document and cut and paste or bookmark the comment in your browser.

Rebecca Norman wrote:I am trying to get rid of the female plants. There's been too much self-seeding, and I'm afraid the new plants are just crowding the slightly older plants.

I only have one row of asparagus so if there are too many stalks with berries, I just cut the stalk off at the base.

I figure that the loss of the fronds with berries is not going to deplete the crown any more than allowing the berries to ripen.
1 week ago
The use of acronyms is generally discouraged on permies with the exception of permies specific ones relating to SKIP which you can read about here

Are there particular acronyms that you are encountering that you have been unable to decipher?
1 week ago
I would be much more ruthless and prune all of the suckers leaving just the main trunk.

When all the leaves drop, I would also thin the branches in the centre of the tree and reduce the height of the branches to make harvesting easier.

1 week ago
Here are some photos of my asparagus bed and the female plants with berries.
2 weeks ago
I have not had gel nails applied for many years so the process may have changed but it used to be that the nail technician would lightly abrade the entire nail surface to help the gel adhere which might not be so good if your nails are split and already thin.

The gel nails are very strong and as your natural nails grow out, the gap can be filled but I have reservations about wearing the gel nails for extended periods of time.

As far as I am aware, acetone is the only way to remove the gel.

I've never used or had powder polish applied but have had shellac nail polish which also requires a UV light to cure the polish.

The shellac polish lasts almost as long as a gel polish and also requires acetone to remove.

These days, I tend to paint my nails at home rather than go to a salon.

Even when using very light coloured/nude regular polish, I found that my nails become discoloured after several weeks of continuous applications of nail varnish.

A couple of coats of base coat helps to reduce the staining and a top coat keeps the polish shiny and reduces chipping.

When I want to give my nails a rest from nail varnish, I cut them really short and buff them with an old fashioned chamois buffer and cream. The spring can be prised off and I replace the chamois when it wears through.

Buffing gives my nails a lovely natural shine almost as good as clear varnish.

3 weeks ago