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Recent posts by Megan Palmer

Welcome to permies.

It would help if you stated your location.
1 week ago
I've grown goji from seeds several years ago, using organic dried fruit but the seedlings didn't survive outdoors over winter.

Germination was surprisingly high, just soaked the berries and sowed direct into potting mix.

If I were to try again, would keep the seedlings indoors or in a tunnel house for a couple of seasons.

Have since been given a cutting which took two years to fruit - it's still too small to propagate from but if you know anyone with an established plant, they might be willing to share cuttings with you
1 week ago
Hello Amy

Do you have any photos of the pitted plums that you have processed using this tool?

I am curious as to how effective it is when used on small clingstone plums less than 3cm/1" diameter.

There are lots of wild "cherry" plums that grow on walking track near me that are extremely prolific but I don't often bother to pick because it's so much work to pit them.

I don't have a mouli but friends who own one process the cooked whole plums through the mouli when making plum sauce.

Many thanks
4 weeks ago
Hello Anne, I haven't made any for ages but they are called no bake slices in NZ - usually they are made with any combination of crushed sweet biscuits, melted butter, sweetened condensed milk and have dried fruit, chocolate chips, marsh mallows etc mixed in.
I find them a little too sweet for our personal taste but they are popular for children's lunchboxes.
Some bakeries sell "lolly cakes" that are a no bake slice.
1 month ago
My vote would be to replace the fabric, the repairs would be too visible unless you wish to deliberately turn the repair/patch into an artistic feature/pattern on the lampshade?

If you decide to replace the shade, an iron on fusible lining may make the fabric easier to manipulate around the wires.

My one an only attempt to replace a lampshade ended up with ugly globs of glue on the inside and stuck together fingers.

I alternated between using fabric glue for quilting and a glue gun - the latter was awkward in the confined space inside the lampshade.
1 month ago
How did you dry your garlic May?

Did you use a dehydrator and if so at what temperature?

I normally use my dehydrator and it seldom needs to stay on for more than a day and half at most at no more than 45C.

I spread the garlic in a thin layer on top of a sheet of baking paper or on the silicon trays that come with the dehydrator.

I leave it on overnight and flip the garlic over if the bottom is still sticky and ensure that the garlic is totally brittle before putting into a glass jar, just lightly crushing it.

I then transfer the granules to a pepper grinder.

The flavour is usually more intense than when the garlic is fresh.

I can only guess that perhaps the temperature was too high and the garlic was over dried?

1 month ago
Hello Joylynn

Am not sure whether lug is the correct word, but here's a couple of photos😉

Find a teaspoon with the thinnest stainless steel you can find, thick spoons won't fit between the lid and glass jar and won't give you any leverage.

It's an especially useful technique for those big wide mouthed twist top jars that I can never get my hands around and even dear husband struggle with at times.
1 month ago