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Dave Burton wrote:Which of the three memes conveys the idea of stacking functions effectively? Which one grabs attention efficiently?

I think the third is the best.
Is anyone here a graphic designer? I've done some work like that but I'm not a pro. I think it would be helpful in spreading our message if our designs looked professional (not corporate) but clean and easy to read. I'm thinking high quality images, smooth scaling, no comic sans, etc..

I really believe in our message and I think a lot of people would be willing to listen if we take the time to polish it.

Happy homesteading
Recently I've been intrigued by off grid living. I would love to live separate from the municipal utilities (with the exception of Internet of course) but I was wondering about some of my activities. The primary example I'm thinking of is cooking, I'm quite a good cook and I like to cook often. While there are many off grid solutions for cooking, many of them better than the usual solution like cob ovens for breads and pizza, there are some shortcomings, or, at least I don't know how to approach the problem. Take for example cooking chicken stock. The stock must be simmered for 8+ hours, not boiled, but simmered. A good stock requires an even, low, heat for a very long period of time. Currently at home this is easy, just throw it on the stove just above "LOW" and let it sit all day. The energy demands for this staple product would drain a small PV system's batteries in no time (even using an induction range) and I don't want to use a gas range. I'd also rather not tend a wood fire for precise temperature for 8-12 hours. Has anyone dealt with this? I'm really very curious, I know this community is amazingly resourceful.

I'm hoping some Permie wisdom will come my way, I'm sure there's a solution, I just haven't the faintest idea.

If anyone else has any questions feel free to tack them on. If there are any quirky or otherwise interesting solutions to off grid cooking that you would like to contribute feel free to do so! Information is best when it is shared.

4 years ago
Hey y'all, I'm new here and really excited about permaculture. I thought I'd share this article I came across, it's about using honey bees to spread viral, fungal, or bacterial pest controls. I feel like this is a terrible idea. As if the bees don't have enough crap to worry about. Time to watch the bee hut video again.
5 years ago
This movie almost made me go veggie, almost. Fortunately I was born and raised in Idaho so that's unlikely to ever happen. It did, however, succeed in making me want to grow as much of my own food as possible or at least find local, safe food as often as I can. I highly recommend it.
5 years ago
This was an incredible documentary. I'm just getting started in permaculture and I'm excited to move to the warm southwest and green up the desert!
5 years ago