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$320,000   At only about 85$ per sq foot this beautiful home surrounded by permaculture forest Garden is an awesome deal.
Located outside Roswell NM, this property will grow more food than you could eat and requires minimal work.

Check out the link above for lots of pictures, but in case you like to know the history:
This property was used years ago as a tobacco farm.  It went untended for quite a while.
Then I brought in 650,000 lbs of wood chips and spread them 6 inches deep over everything but the building pad and driveway--and we were off to the races.
Fertility went through the roof and water needs plummeted.  Thousands of trees appeared spontaneously in addition to the many we planted.

In the summer, I have to cut a path through the sunflowers to get to one of my two chicken coops.
We built a beautiful large greenhouse and an out-building for the tractor and farm supplies.
The 4800 sq feet of storage on the second story of the home allows for all sorts of hobbies, near infra red sauna, food storage etc.

If you're thinking of relocating somewhere that is warm most of the year, living costs are low, housing prices a lot cheaper than most places---and the sun almost always shines, this is the place.
The photo-voltaic solar system is a must have as well.
No, I haven't sold yet.  The house is over 3770 square feet---so the price is our of reach of most people.  It will take a while.
At 90 $ a square foot, that adds up to a lot, but if any one is interested let me know and I can send pictures.

We did have excitement this week on another front.  We found out a scammer in Africa copied the photos from the MLS listing and put my house up for rent on Craig's list--real cheap.
He then had people fill out on line applications and tried to get them to send him money.

We found out about 3 couples who almost wired him money.  We will see in the next few days if any others show up and try to move in.
It was a shame to see folks so excited to think they were getting a green house and garden and then find out it was a scam.
One very nice gentleman was trying to move his very ill wife onto "what would have been their dream property".

My prayers for them have been very nice....the things I've suggested God do to the scam artist--not so nice!
(I'll work on that)

Keep turning our world green.

All also great ideas....thanks.

It's funny, I have a very large solar system that runs pretty much everything but the big 5 ton A/C units.
The appraisers will not give you an extra penny for that.  I have to say it doesn't come with the house and then make a separate deal for it with a potential owner (if I want anything for it).

It is running 100 to 110 degrees here right now.  I don't normally grow a lot of annuals in my "garden" plot during the hot part of the summer.  I have some out in the forest garden under some trees however.
Anyway, the guy at our seed store must have thought I was out of my mind when I tried to explain that I "knew it was too late to plant a garden", but all I really need is a "show" garden so when people look at the house they see lot's of "green things".

Ultimately, his answer to what can I plant when it is 100+ degrees outside, was "nothing".
However, the winter swiss chard and lettuce in my hugel-bed is actually doing pretty well still.

Thanks again for your thoughts.
Great ideas.  Great writing skills.  
I don't think we have any eco realtors around here.
I will pass your suggestions on to the realtors and if they don't sell it while it is under contract, I will look forward to seeing what I can do FSBO.
I have a 3770 square foot home we just put up for sale in southern NM with 2.3 acres of permaculture forest garden.  
Wow...are the realtors freaked out.  They definitely want to discount the price per square foot by a lot because it isn't 2 acres of mowed grass.
What a shame that society has gotten to the place where a property that grows food and supports animals is a negative thing.
Make up a business plan. Have it reviewed by a business man/women. Ask them to be honest with you. Ask them to tell you what they think the odds are that you will be a success. Ask them what they would tell their own mother if she wanted to invest in your venture. Do they think she'd ever get her money back.
4 years ago
If you live in a dry area that doesn't get much rain and if you want to get the ground covered so noxious weeds aren't as likely to grow, then an 8 inch layer in your swale would seem to be fine.
If you get a lot of rain, I imagine that your grass will spread quickly and fill in the swale and you won't get much benefit out of the wood chips. They will take a bit of effort to spread.
5 years ago
I would try bullet-proof coffee.
By the way, looking at your list, it appears you are very sensitive to lectins--so I wouldn't try any more legumes, american dairy, nightshades or grains of any kind any time soon.

You need to find a medical professional that understands these things...which is REALLY rare.
PM me if you need help with that.

5 years ago
If it helps you enjoy your reading in bed in the days to come...the rat bait is probably not going to hurt you in the least.
Find out what kind it is and read about it, but many are anti-coagulants.
People take these sorts of things to keep from having strokes. (For example...coumadin or warfarin).
So, unless you plan on eating them all--you should be totally fine.

The risk from rat droppings is probably far greater than any risk from a small amount of transfer.

5 years ago