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We are experiencing the worst f"forest" fires in living  memory here in central Portugal, we are working with the local council , and would like to put out a cry for any one with ideas for help with reforestation , mono culture conversion prevention ect... many have died and over 400square km land has burned sp far ,we are just at the begining of the " fire season " and can expect more , we also need seed and funding to make a difference, we feel that there is an opportunity now to make real change move ,, we at corga da pereira have been working on these issues for years , but now  perhaps someone will listen .we are making a web site now and will post it soon.

all advice, support, ideas , funding welcome   you can contact us direct at    or

1 year ago

I did some willow work here. beautiful place...nice ideas.
2 years ago

Reforestation course

  at corga da pereira  central Portugal.

“Although the problems of the world and hugely complex the solutions remain embarrassingly simple”  B. Mollison

Reforesting our areas and our planet is probably the most important activity of our times.

In this 9 day course  with Nuno Mamede we shall learn how to forest , reforest any type of land also how to convert from a mono culture

Course structure ==
The  first hour of the days will be theory of techniques and strategies, the remainder will be “hands on” practicals , here at Corga we believe people learn by doing.

subjects covered will include -

Permaculture design
Topography and mapping
Regenerative forestry techniques
Erosion and natural succession
Techniques  for erosion  control  
Mono culture conversion
Applied mycology in forestry
Pruning, cuttings and transplants
Pioneers and invasive's

Nuno Mamede..

Nuno  is the founder  member of Terra crua
and works with private land owners as well as council projects in Portugal.  He teaches with us every year on the Permacuture design course (see relevant page)

His passion is regeneration of forest ,land and rivers, and has many years experience in these fields

What the course includes –

Certificate of attendance
Accommodation (mainly dormitory)
All meals
Use of facilities

Price -

300 e

Please mail for more info on booking -
2 years ago
Full permaculture design course , run over 16 days, lead by Peter Cow, with guest teachers, this hands on course is set in the beautiful mountain region of Portugal. on a already establish permaculture farm..

We will also covering along side the pdc certificate , hands on work shops, covering -
- Forest and river regeneration.
- Appropriate energy's
- Bio construction
- building and maintaining a ram pump , and more..

For more info follow this link