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This looks awesome, really enjoying your pics.
6 years ago
Jason, that is a rad looking setup you have going on... I take it the trickle filter is for solids removal? I have seen good success with media based filters, but not as a primary system. What are your thoughts on cleaning, loading with "gunk", etc. What is the filter material I see in the photo?

I would love some more info on the overall design of your system. Is that whole wall of totes in the last pic all filters? How big is this system??

Please share more.

6 years ago
Thanks to everyone for enlightening me on this process.
What happens in fora without moderators?
Do thumbs up contribute?

(I tried a search and didn't find anything that seemed to be relevant. If there is sorry and please direct me there)
Thanks for the help and clarifications
Hey Guys you should look into Solexx...
There is a thread over here where Zach gives some info on it Zach Weiss, earth powered greenhouse

I am thinking of spec'ing this for an upcoming project. They sent me samples and really like it. Zach mentioned that he is a dealer and can get you a permies discount.
6 years ago
So i have this post in the Holzer forum
Passive Solar Greenhouse...

And I am woindering if it can get "linked" into the Greenhouses... forum?


Scott Olsen wrote:Here is another link about BSFL info. This guy is researching BSFL at my farm and has good data on several years of research: http://www.dipterra.com/

Great site and info.
Thanks for sharing this.

6 years ago
Your numbers aren't crazy. High range Ph will "lock out" the plants ability to uptake nutrients, the effect on the fish is negligible at this time.
Low ammonia is leading to low levels of nitrite & nitrate... Amending Ph with vinegar can work. It is an organic source so its ability for long term buffering degrades over time. Phosphoric acid will give you a better buffering ability and add P to your system which will benefit the plants. I would recommend making sure that anything you add is food quality/ purity.

It would be awesome to add some biology to the water. This will get things cycling faster. Adding a little ammonia and worm castings would be a good idea, a good hand full in a paint strainer bag works great. I can give you some more info on the biology stuff if you are interested. High Ph can be beneficial in the cycling phase.

A few q's for you...
How big are these new fish?
I am asking because your system will need to cycle which will help drop Ph and also get the nitrification process going. Too many fish, that are large will overwhelm your system given the small ratio of grow space to potential fish density.
Do you have any kind of filter system?
Is there an air pump or are the bubbles under the watering can coming from the water draining back down into the tank?

You have a great start here. Good luck

6 years ago
I am in for supporting this.
Many thanks to Paul and team for the work they are putting in to make all this happen.

Keep spreading the word.