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Recent posts by John Gammon

This 'spoons' conversation made me think of some of Dr. Wayne Dyer's philosophy as can be seen on YouTube & his website.
Anyway we go about it, it is nice to put ourselves in a positive mood & try to surround ones self with positive things as much as we can for a productive day.

5 years ago
If you wanted to save a copy of that youtube flick.. a free program called DvdVideoSoft has stand alone programs for such or all of their programs in a suite.
you could easily convert that 1:33 youtube into a DVD for home watching later.

nice.. thanks Paul...
7 years ago

Mark Vander Meer wrote:This is a food dehydrator that works even in winter in Missoula

It would be lovely if there were more images or at least a rough drawing for this dryer from Wheaton, or VanderMeer or Lucas McKeever? McGeever?

an intense internet search hasn't given up the info from what I have attempted to find.

Below is an attached PDF I found online about a Solar Dehydrator done at Appalachian State Univ in the late 90s with interesting info in it.. about the heating of the air.
7 years ago
Kudos Amos for the Japanese? youtube link.. fascinating..

I am elated that Joesph is another person looking to heat a larger green house.

I need to get and absorb the RMH book before I unload questions...

That being said.. I have seen only a few people or videos ever of the feed tube on the exterior - as I would think one would want for a green house.
and that makes me wonder how long the feed hole can be from the burn riser on the inside and to what proportions of extra height it will have to be to accommodate the extra length.

I could easily envision a distance of 3' to 4' between the two in and out of the wall of a green house.
7 years ago