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Recent posts by Steve Mendez

Joseph, will you be offering your rooted grape cuttings for sale at the Logan Gardener's Market?
2 weeks ago
In our local canyon the few remaining Cottonwoods and Poplars that the Beavers haven't cut down have had their trunks wrapped with chicken wire for protection from gnawing. We have started to see Russian Olives that have been worked over by Beavers.
4 weeks ago
We visited Cache Valley in February of this year. No nuts were evident on the trees. Lots of people walk by these trees every day, I wonder if anybody recognizes them for what they are.
1 month ago
Try a few of both species at the same time. Bullheads grow slowly, especially in zone 5. Fatheads don't grow much over 3" but they're prolific if they have the right spawning conditions. They fill different niches in a pond. Bullheads are mostly bottom feeders. Fatheads are midwater and top feeders. Fatheads make excellent bait for catching game fish that you can eat. You will know if you have a viable system if the fish survive and reproduce next spring.
In any case you won't get much growth or survival in a brand new small pond without some supplemental feeding.
1 month ago
Nice work.  What an improvement from your first photos. It looks like you've spent a night or two there.
3 months ago
I hunt for Mule Deer every fall and usually harvest a buck. I use a shotgun with buckshot or a slug when hunting private land near town. I hunted on public land in the mountains using a 270 caliber rifle this year. The buck provided a little over 80 lbs of boneless venison and 18 lbs of ribs. The deer also provided about 20 lbs of hard fat which I hung in a tree in the yard. The birds and squirrels have used it all up. All the birds from Chickadees to Magpies and especially Woodpeckers really go after it.
I fish public waters mostly for enjoyment. I have permission to fish private water for Tilapia which I take home.
3 months ago
You might try checking the water temperature of springs in your area.
5 months ago
We walk nearly every day along a creek in the canyon that cuts through town. In areas where they aren't controlled, the Russian Olive trees have made a dense thorny thicket along the stream bank with many of the trees tipped into the creek. This probably improves fish habitat but is terrible for fishing.
Deer, foxes, coyotes, squirrels, and many types of birds eat the fruit in the winter. The Russian Olives are by far the most numerous trees in the canyon. I have not seen any with beaver damage.
Old photos of the canyon from the 1920s show the creek and canyon nearly devoid of trees.
6 months ago
Here are a couple of pictures of the pistachio trees.
6 months ago
We visited our relatives in Cache Valley on 10/22. I was surprised at how green the hills were this late in the season. My Wife's Dad (93 yrs old) said it had been a particularly wet summer.
On our way home we stopped by the pistachio trees and they are so loaded with nuts that some of the branches are drooping down to the ground.
6 months ago