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Very cool, Evan!  You'll have to add a comments page soon so everyone can post their expulsions of flabbergastedness!
8 months ago
Very cool spirally garden bed design!  I know what you mean about the bags of leaves. I, too, find it strange that people throw out their leaves and trimmings and then they go out and buy mulch and growing amendments. Hmmm ...(?)  I ask my neighbors for all their leaves and stuff, chop 'em up with my lawn mower, and then pile it thick on all my garden beds for the winter.  Now they're all full of big, fat, juicy, soil aerating, earth worms.  Time to plant!
Hey, Evan!  Looks like all that hard work you and Kai put into your earthworks design is paying off. Very cool! I'll have to tell Josh to make sure he checks out these amazing pics.   So how are your plantings doing?  Anything emerging from its winter rest?  Sure is great to be back in the growing season, eh!
Glad to see you're not frozen into a Popsicle, Evan.  That Kai is a bush-crafting madman!  I love his ingenuity.  How are the winter shelters working out (Janet, Kai, Ben, you, Jesse, Jim)? 
It's so inspiring watching the progress you folks are making.  You are proof positive to someone like me that, yes, you CAN do it! Thanks so much for posting all these great videos!
1 year ago
You're very welcome, Evan.  Anytime!  That pic of the mantis is amazing!  I'm so glad I'm bigger than he is.
Everything looks great, Evan!  I see you came up with a solution for those wing walls (no surprise there).  That house should keep you nice and toasty on the coldest of days, I would imagine.
Great video, Shauns!  Don't downplay your editing skills; you tell a compelling story.  Thanks so much for putting it all together!

Shauns Webbers wrote: Sadly I suck at recording and lost over 80 Photos and clips of videos..... but heres a couple that survived..
    Heres some random photos of some progress Josh was making on the epic "Bear Cave"  "Bear Den"  "Debris HUT"

Thanks, Shauns, for posting the pics.   It's always good to see the latest progress of all the goings-on at Ant Village.

Thank you very much, Jesse (and Hans), for taking the time to provide me with a thorough explanation.  I was familiar with the use of earth tubes but only for cooling purposes during the hotter months. Sounds like a great design and it'll be interesting to see how it works out.  Thanks again.