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Recent posts by Gary Huntress

Weeds?  I don't see any weeds on this list ... only lots of medicinal plants and such
3 years ago
Very cool!  Thanks, Paul, for letting us in on this exclusive tour.  And thanks to the Rhodes family for recording it and making it available!
4 years ago
You da man, man!  Thanks so much for your expertise in assisting the technologically inept (meaning ME)!

paul wheaton wrote:
It took me a fair bit of sleuthing ....   it looks like you recently changed your kickstarter email address, is that correct?  Probably within the last couple of days -yes?

That's exactly right, Paul.  Sorry for all the trouble ...
"Did you get the email about the new first item?  Is it possible that it went to a different email address?"

I think it probably went to my old email address.  I did receive the 'Project #19 update" from Kickstarter, though.
Hi Paul.  I just tried to access the Justin Rhodes extended video but no luck. I did have an email issue with my Kickstarter account but they were able to fix it for me (hooray support team!) I'm wondering if I somehow fell through the perverbial crack, as it were.
Very cool, Evan!  You'll have to add a comments page soon so everyone can post their expulsions of flabbergastedness!
5 years ago
Very cool spirally garden bed design!  I know what you mean about the bags of leaves. I, too, find it strange that people throw out their leaves and trimmings and then they go out and buy mulch and growing amendments. Hmmm ...(?)  I ask my neighbors for all their leaves and stuff, chop 'em up with my lawn mower, and then pile it thick on all my garden beds for the winter.  Now they're all full of big, fat, juicy, soil aerating, earth worms.  Time to plant!
5 years ago
Hey, Evan!  Looks like all that hard work you and Kai put into your earthworks design is paying off. Very cool! I'll have to tell Josh to make sure he checks out these amazing pics.   So how are your plantings doing?  Anything emerging from its winter rest?  Sure is great to be back in the growing season, eh!
5 years ago
Glad to see you're not frozen into a Popsicle, Evan.  That Kai is a bush-crafting madman!  I love his ingenuity.  How are the winter shelters working out (Janet, Kai, Ben, you, Jesse, Jim)?  
6 years ago