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since Sep 24, 2013
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greening the desert
Sunizona Az., USA @ 4,500' Zone 8a
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Recent posts by Wayne Mackenzie

I planted one. Sulked for 2 years and died.
2 days ago
Thornless Honey Locust are tough as nails down here.
3 weeks ago
Most European pears taste bland to me.
I took a flyer on 4 of these trees from Oikos.
No fruit yet, but they’re growing strong.

1 month ago
I leave them on until they fall off.
A young Sierra Plum in a 4’ tube.
1 month ago
I use tree tubes.
They’ve worked well at protecting from desiccating wind, UV, and critters.
1 month ago
I give this nursery 9 out of 10 acorns.

I’d give them a 10 if their Mulberry trees were on their own roots.
I love this nursery. The quality, prices, interesting selection, and excellent packaging have made them my favorite.
^^^ I tasted my first Asian Pear a few years ago and I was hooked for life.
They are awesome IMO.
1 month ago
All of this snow the past few days is awesome! We don’t usually get this much down here.
1 month ago
I’ve grown literally hundreds of pounds of conks and antlers. You can manipulate them with light and CO to grow in all sorts of ways.
That’s Reishi.
1 month ago