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Sunizona Az., USA @ 4,500' Zone 8a
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I have lots of docile ants who eat flowers. We also have horned lizards who survive on a diet of these ants.

Even if the weeds were not good for my soil, getting rid of them would cause much damage to the wildlife and my trees/plants.

I like the way they look too. 🙂
1 month ago

Cristo Balete wrote:I've had the best luck with trench hugelculture,.

I’m on my phone and can’t see where you’re located.
What’s your zone, rainfall totals, and time of year you receive precipitation?

^^^Live Oak, Monterey Oak, Oikos Tree Crops signature wild pear, Seckle Pear,  Pistachio, Sierra plum, thornless Honey Locust, Euro Hackberry, various Autumn Olives (<FYI: Yellow types don’t like the heat), Goji, Sand Cherry, and Jujube. These trees have proven to be bulletproof over the last 2 years without more than a few gallons of water each per month.

I’m concentrating on small nitrogen fixers right now.

Edit: The Pistachios are grafted because of the male/female deal and I feel confident they will thrive.
I know the feeling...

I lost everything the first few years. Every time I thought I had it figured out, stuff just died.

I planted real tough trees and shrubs people and books recommended. I was fit to be tied.

I changed my thinking and addressed the issues that hurt me without overthinking it. Grafted trees died at the grafts, so all future trees would not be grafts. Only rooted cuttings, seed grown, or tissue clones would be used. < This was big! Wind and UV was obviously causing my young trees to stress, so I went to tree tubes...and on and on.

By doing a few 180* turns and staying with it, I’m now having success with trees that I would have never thought of using for pioneers in my sandy desert soil without irrigation.

If it was easy, we wouldn’t have deserts.

Good Luck.

My rabbit/sun/wind protection.
2 months ago
“Houdini Lock Lube” is the best stuff for locks.
Tree tubes are your friend when it comes to desert wind.
5 months ago
I forgot about my thornless Honey Locusts. I’m confused about their status as far as N. Fixers, but what the heck.
5 months ago
I have Caesalpinia Gilliesii, Autumn Olive, and just ordered Lead Plant seeds. Lead Plant looks like a fascinating option for me in 8A.
5 months ago