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Sunizona Az., USA @ 4,500' Zone 8a
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Fascinating thread! These plants don’t get much publicity for some reason.
I will be trying a couple next year.
1 day ago

Cj Costa wrote:

Great advice. I'm thinking pvc drip too. I have been looking for mulberries but no one ships to az. That I found anyway and I'm looking for female and male date palms that I can eat the dates. I figure to start with plants that do very well in heat and are easy then move into the harder plants. I started some mangos, ice cream bean, and moringa and 3 garden beds so far. But I'm limited on what I can do due to health issues. but we will get there. Thank you for your info. It's very helpful.

I’ve bought Mulberries online from Burnt Ridge and Rolling River.
My Mulberries always get hit with a late frost and die to the rootstock.
I have a Silk Hope that made it through this last winter, but it’s not happy for some reason.
5 days ago

Meg Mitchell wrote:This guy built a food forest in Arizona that's pretty neat. He has a lot of videos:


Not ripping the guy, but he will not answer when asked how much water he uses. He will only say a lot.
5 days ago
I’m shocked this tree is already flowering.
I figured it would take several more years.
I bought it and another off eBay for like $12. They came in 1 liter water bottles.

I wish I would have bought a couple more since it’s not easy to find saplings.
1 week ago
I forgot to take another pic, but I’m almost positive they’re female flowers. I don’t see any male catkins though. There are several coming out of leaf petioles. I thought it was going to take several more years before it would flower.

The 6th pic down on this page look the same as the ones on my tree.
1 week ago
I noticed this on one of my young Texas Live Oaks today. It’s in several places toward the top.
The tree is 4-5 years old and 6’ tall.

1 week ago
Mulch like crazy. I had great luck using Mulberry leaves in Phoenix.
The worm population absolutely exploded.
1 week ago
I use agar for mushroom lab work. I can’t imagine it lasting 3 weeks in my soil.

I had pretty good luck with Driwater and would still use it if critters didn’t dig up the cartons.
3 weeks ago
I use Soil Moist with every new tree. I mostly use it in the bottom of the hole with compost.
When I pull trees that don’t survive, I don’t see any evidence that it rehydrates.
3 weeks ago