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since Sep 24, 2013
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greening the desert
Sunizona Az., USA @ 4,400' Zone 8a
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Recent posts by Wayne Mackenzie

“Houdini Lock Lube” is the best stuff for locks.
I forgot about my thornless Honey Locusts. I’m confused about their status as far as N. Fixers, but what the heck.
3 weeks ago
I have Caesalpinia Gilliesii, Autumn Olive, and just ordered Lead Plant seeds. Lead Plant looks like a fascinating option for me in 8A.
3 weeks ago
I use Tubex Combitubes. I’m in the desert and have never had any alleged overheating issues. The wind protection has been a game changer.
4 months ago
My solution to wind & critters. This is a small part of zone 5.
5 months ago
Wow, you are the Goji King lol. You’ve motivated me to get my sickly looking Gojis out of their pots & into the ground. Good job.
6 months ago
I live in both Phoenix & The Sulphur Springs Valley. I love my property in S. Az., but can't stand Phoenix or the surrounding area. When my wife retires, the Phoenix property goes bye-bye.
9 months ago
Starbucks for coffee grounds.