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Wayne Mackenzie

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since Sep 24, 2013
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greening the desert
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Sunizona Az., USA @ 4,500' Zone 8a
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Recent posts by Wayne Mackenzie

Tony, PM me your address. The Acorn Woodpeckers are already starting to snatch them up.
3 years ago
Tony, won’t be long...

3 years ago
Having said that, Marshall will get after a tomato plant if we don’t watch him.
3 years ago
All of my woodchips are high in tannins and are hard. Combined with the dry climate, they keep the soil cool, but don’t do much else.

I’m really cheap.
I have 5G buckets of 50/50 composted chicken manure and coffee grounds. Also mixed in is some rabbit poop, elemental sulfur, and alfalfa. I just sprinkle some on before I add any chips.

It seems to be helping to break down the chips and my plants are looking a little tougher.
3 years ago
I’ve noticed wild bunnies and lots of other critters leave nightshades alone.
Nothing ever touches my Goji leaves or fruit. Even the birds don’t mess with them.
3 years ago
Our rabbits like to roll the bottles and lay in the cold condensation left behind.
We also make ice cubes with old deli cups like the ones sour cream comes in to keep their water cold.

They are so spoiled. Marshall will just sit in front of his water and pout until he gets fresh water & a new ice cube 🤣.

3 years ago
We use frozen 2LTR bottles for the house rabbits.

3 years ago
I’d try Monterey Disease Control.
3 years ago

Trace Oswald wrote:I have the thornless variety.  I use them as shade trees because they make a really nice dappled shade, and as nitrogen fixers to be coppiced.  I don't know how well that works though, my future coppice trees are far to small to be coppiced yet.


They are super tough, handle the high desert, and create canopy with ease.

Pretty shape too IMO.
3 years ago