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For the last two years, I have not used any hair cleaners other than water. I rinse my hair and beard every day and scrub it a bit (as if I had shampoo). I wear my hair and beard fairly short, so that may be a factor. When I first started, my hair was greasy around weeks 4-6, but other than that it has been great. The only "product" I use is a dab of homemade beard oil most days.

For about 3 years, we've used deodorant stones and a couple of deodorants from Aubrey Organics - no antiperspirants in our house anymore. I notice a bit of BO on myself by evening, but none for my wife.

I've tried going soapless for a while earlier this year. I used Norwex micro-fiber cloths for scrubbing, but have been lazy about that since they were getting sour quickly during the summer months. I didn't notice any odor or cleanliness problems. Part of me still likes using a little bit of soap on the more-smelly parts of my body.
5 years ago
I'm no designer, but since the diamond-shaped P seems to lose its "P"-ness, I'd suggest exploring the combination of a "power" shape with a skewed/perspective-drawn letter. I threw this sample together quickly, but I think it shouldn't be too difficult to draw a P that looks better and still fills the shape. (Of course, it may be that the superman diamond simply isn't well-suited to a "P".)
When I registered my shiny new account, the new user form's password fields had size=25 and maxlength=100. Great! So I create and activate my account, then logout, to login and save my login info in 1Password. Hrmm - invalid sign-in? No, I copied/pasted my new random password correctly. Reset my password - this form has the password fields size=25 and maxlength=40 - that's quite a bit shorter now, and explains why the 50-character password did not save. So, I create a shorter one and go to login page. Invalid sign-in. Again? This form has the password field size=25 and maxlength=25. Ok, at least now I know what your real limit is, but I wasted the 30 minutes I had budgeted for skimming the site on this.


1) consistency is next to godliness
2) clearly stating password size limits is better than forcing me to use an inspector to try and figure out what you want
3) I realize this might be JForum's problem (I have heard Paul talk about making changes to the forum software on one or two podcast episodes), so if this isn't a bug in's JForum implementation, please file this bug with JForum

I never expect much from forum software - I'll try to spend some time talking about permaculture and not only griping about the site.