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Three year update. Still haven't put a finish coat on it.

Only have one small crack in the seat area.

Last season here in SE NM. only used 100 pallets.

This season with a record warm winter only used 40.(so far)

Haven't had to do any maintenance other that cleaning fly ash out of the pipe.
The steel 6"x6"x3/16"riser I think will last another season. Seen some flaking but nothing to worry about.

Barrel is well cured, black like a cast iron skillet.

Overall It was the best thing I have done to cut down on the wood consumption and still stay warm. Sometimes to warm LOL

What I find that is cool about it, is the smell of the wood burning out side. Not a smoke smell but a sweet like smell you get from smoked meat.

3 years ago
if it's like this pic. Yes.

That's a 8" to 6". So a 10" to 8" wont be a problem.

5 years ago
they would be treated with one of two things. creosote or pressure treated.

creosote the wood would be black and stink like railroad ties. Bad sht never burn it.

pressure treated wood has a green tent to it. Not positive but I think it's an arsenic based poison. Also bad sht.

What makes you think they were treated?
5 years ago
Looking good.

How hard did your last cob coat turn out?

Been looking for a good hard mix for my final coat.
5 years ago
I reduced 10' of the stack to 8" and did a burn. It helped.

I bought a 8" to 6" reducer and will reduce the top 5' to 10' of the stack and see how that works.
Before I move the stack inside the GH. Really don't want to move it inside if I don't need to.

Instead of putting cob around the RMH I'm using some landscaping bricks. They were given to me , by a dear friend who died last month.
He really wanted to see it finished. He loved sitting on the prototype. Fare well Roland.

They should keep most of the water off the core and double as a solar heat battery too. Only had enough to do one side, will need to buy more or find some thing else that will work for the other side.

any comments or questions are welcome.

awful quiet in here.

5 years ago
Pic of it attached to the mass.
5 years ago
Finished sealing it up to the mass today. Still haven't reduced the stack yet. That's next.
We're are having, what we call a tumbleweed event. 39mph winds with gusts up to 50 mph.

seen a 6' tumbleweed blow by today. yikes!

Had excellent draft you could say. Didn't take much to get it roaring. Only took 4 sheets of grocery store flyers with dry pallet splinters.
After it started burning good I filled it up with a full load, as many as I could stuff in it.

Big mistake. It went Nuclear !!!

To much draft. By the time it quit burning. I could not keep my hand on the pipe at the end were it connects to the stack. (14' away from rmh)

I'm thinking with some fine tuning of the stack. This mutt will become a full blown dragon.

5 years ago
Really like building these things. I want to build more.

This thing is a mutt. Mostly red brick and a couple fire brick for the top of the burn tunnel.

I don't expect it to last. I know it will work. We'll see how long it does.

This GH RMH is cheep experimental build. All the parts were collected locally. With a little help from my friends.

per-lite and fire clay are the only expense.


5 years ago