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Former homesteader working toward doing it, again.
Summer '19 Update: we bought a log cabin on 30acres, last fall. Logisticly, we couldn't do much with it, right away, but spring (2019), the permaculture was to begin! Orrrr, you know, the rain may have drown everything we've attempted to grow... At least the chickens are doing great!!!
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If a rabbit will let you pick them up, it should be with one hand under their bum, and one under their chest. Pull them in close, for their safety and yours. Never pick them up by the scruff, as their skin is very fragile, and will tear, leading to extreme pain and a very likely infection.
1 week ago
I did get an email, and it contained quite a bit of the post, but not all. The good thing in that is that it acts as a 'teaser'. If there's nothing from the blog post, in the email, I'm prone to decide I don't have time to click and read, because of the rest of the hundred or so emails sitting in my inbox, that I have the ridiculous compulsion to get through, every day. With that teaser, it's much more likely to get my interest piqued. I enjoyed the post, btw. Keep 'em coming!
1 week ago
1 week ago
They *will* drink from a bottle, or nipple type waterer, but will prefer, thus usually stay better hydrated with a bowl of some sort. I used to use the gravity-fed ones for dogs, as they have a generously sized bowl. If you keep it a foot or so away from the food, it should stay pretty clean, as (unlike cats, dogs, and many poultry breeds), rabbits are rarely fond of getting wet, so tend not to play in it.
1 week ago
Your most recent post showed 1 comment, and I was able to subscribe! YAY!!
2 weeks ago

r ranson wrote:

Carla Burke wrote:How should someone go about subscribing to your blog?

There should be one at the bottom of the screen now but I don't know if it works and it looks really ugly.  But it's been a long time since I could edit HTML code so I'm not sure how to fix it.  

The next entry is scheduled for Tuesday morning (my time) so if you want to test it, that would be awesome!

If you'll send me a reminder, I'd be happy to! Hubs is going on a boar hunt, so I'll be alone, and, other than the critters & chores, I'll be on my own schedule, instead of his AND mine, lol.
2 weeks ago
How should someone go about subscribing to your blog?
2 weeks ago
I'm betting it was used by Jack, to scratch the giant's back. Ok, I've no idea - but all 3 posts before mine seem entirely plausible.
2 weeks ago
For kit's, you betcha. For adults - depends on the size of the breed you choose.
2 weeks ago