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A Christian & devoted Patriot, wife, soap maker, herbalist, formerly a homeschooler, baker, truck driver, and more. I was born in the South, but actually grew up around the Great Lakes. Both of my families had big, lush gardens,& preserved everything they could for the winter. I carried that into my own life. But, change happens and for over a decade, it just wasn't an option. Now, retired in the Ozarks, on 29 heavily wooded acres of mostly ravines, our best crops are nearly inaccessible wild blackberries, rocks, wild herbs, and ticks. We're utilizing our burgeoning small-livestock collection, straw bales, raised beds, and containers to build soil, and a better, healthier life for ourselves and our beloved critters, who provide us with eggs, meat, milk, fiber, fertilizer, tick control, loads of entertainment, and even help turn the compost.
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There was a patch of wild black raspberries at the edge of the woods where my mom & step-dad moved, when I was 10 or 11. Every year, we harvested all we could, then made jam, pies, crumbles/crisps, muffins... Then, my grandma came to visit, and introduced me to the poke salat she found in the yard...
19 hours ago
When you find yourself screaming to your husband that, "That's IT!! I really hope you like squirrel, cuz we're gonna EAT every fookin' one we see, from now on!" Why? Well, it's a very permie thing to make "the problem" be "the solution". The squirrels are eating my crops, before I can harvest them - so I'll eat them, instead. Though, I don't think they'll make a very good peach cobbler or fiddlehead fern saute. GRRRRRRRRR....
20 hours ago
In the old west, they would mount their lantern on their horse for traveling at night.

                                                                                          It was the first form of saddle light navigation.

(Don't hurt me)
3 days ago