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cooking rabbit purity
Former homesteader working toward doing it, again.
Update: we just bought a log cabin on 30acres. Logisticly, we can't do much with it, right now, but in spring (2019), the permaculture begins!
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Pineapple sage. I bought them on a whim, and too soon, then couldn't get them into the ground, because of all the rain, and the lack of explosives, to dig with. Surprise lilies - I'm blaming it on accidentally saying 'thank you' for them, to the kind, elderly neighbor who first gave them to me, the clucked her tongue, and chided me, because it's bad luck, lol. My elderberry. Who knows, it might survive, but I'm not taking bets. I'm in the northern Ozarks of MO, so in a similar situation to Pearl's - not flooded, but VERY wet ground. I may have even lost my rose of Sharon & my asparagus... ☹
We need an 'AWWWWW' button..... She's just beautiful!!!
3 days ago
Ok, in all seriousness, I'm driven to follow through. Much of what the others have said also applies; love, integrity, reflection, curiosity, autonomy, stubbornness... I've a will and drive for freedom and independence, and I strive to be a resource, rather than a drain. I don't do much, in the way ofvolunteering my time to organizations, but if someone needs help, and I have the ability/means, I will help. I'm a healer and teacher, by nature - that means I'm also an avid learner, who learns best by 'doing'. So, if I stop 'doing', everything else kinda comes to a screeching, skidding halt.
4 days ago
Hi,  Kate!! Thank you! Yup - I forgot some details, because I sometimes forget others really can't hear all the voices in my head as well as I do! ;)

So, here goes! I only want 2 or 3. Total. NO billies, lol. I'll pay or barter for stud service, but have no interest in keeping them. Thank you for clueing me in, on the rotational freshening! I didn't even know that was a 'thing'! Even if I weren't to learn a single other thing, this thread is worth it, JUST for that one tidbit!

@hunter: Thank you! You've raised some things I forget others don't know about me, that would have been good for me to include. On the medical score, I'm an herbalist, and while I don't totally eschew necessary medical intervention, even with my animals, it is a last resort. I guess what I'm asking on health is more breed - specific - Do Pygoras have health concerns different from/ in addition to the normal, general concerns of other goats? I grew up on a farm, including hand milking the family cow, so much of what you're addressing, is essentially already second nature, to me - thankfully. Otherwise, yeah - this whole concept could be very daunting, lol. We are a retired couple, with no family in the same state, no grandkids, and all our kids are grown, but we're critter lovers, and they will get loads & LOADS of affection.

@Lisa - Congratulations!!!

We have friends who have a Nigerian Dwarf herd, who are interested in bartering services and products, so stud services won't be an issue, as long as we aren't concerned about showing & papers - and I'm not, at least right now. Hopefully, by the time I might change my mind, I'll have had time to find a suitable buck to borrow or rent, lol.
Congrats, y'all!!! 😎😎😎 Glad to see you're all keeping the Gir-Bot as busy as you are!
Goats, sheep, and llamas... Would it be possible to add alpacas to this? I've many questions about them!

Beyond that, I've been looking into goats. It's just the hubs and me, and while we'd really enjoy some milk, we don't drink much of it, and it would primarily become yogurt, gelato, and creamer, for our coffee - though sometimes, just a nice super-cold glass of milk is amazing, or a warmed mug, to help sleep come, can be just what the herbalist ordered, too! So, with minimal milk needs, that's not our *highest* interest, in goats, though a high fat content would be. I'm looking at goats as a 'triple threat' (milk, 'love-sponges'/pets, & fiber) with a possible 4th (meat), if I can manage to not get attached to *all* of them.

I have some sporadic physical limitations that mostly crop up in low barometric pressure situations, or under prolonged or very acutely stressful times (physical, or mental), due to a few disabilities. On a day to day basis, I'm generally fine to do physical labor, so long as it isn't TOO intensive (or it starts to fall into the acute stress category). So, with all those cards on the table, I'm leaning toward pygoras, for their smaller size and the things that I hope to get out of having them. We've plenty of space and penning them won't be an issue. But, I'm concerned about biting off more than I can chew, labor-wise. Thoughts? Suggestions? Flat-out advice? (I'm looking at this in the long run, probably not until next spring, but if we do it, I want to have everything ready, when they arrive, which is why I'm asking nearly a year before I'd get them).
Thanks, in advance...
Congratulations, Brian! Looks awesome!!
2 weeks ago
Thanks, Patricia!! 😁😎
3 weeks ago
Yes, please!?! And, thank you!
3 weeks ago