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A Christian & devoted Patriot, wife, soap maker, herbalist, formerly a homeschooler, baker, truck driver, and more. I was born in the South, but actually grew up around the Great Lakes. Both of my families had big, lush gardens,& preserved everything they could for the winter. I carried that into my own life. But, change happens and for over a decade, it just wasn't an option. Now, retired in the Ozarks, on 29 heavily wooded acres of mostly ravines, our best crops are nearly inaccessible wild blackberries, rocks, wild herbs, and ticks. We're utilizing our burgeoning small-livestock collection, straw bales, raised beds, and containers to build soil, and a better, healthier life for ourselves and our beloved critters, who provide us with eggs, meat, milk, fiber, fertilizer, tick control, loads of entertainment, and even help turn the compost.
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I think the one in overalls is most def channeling his inner Paul.
6 hours ago
I think it's the beard.
9 hours ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:

Ron McLeod wrote:

Carla Burke wrote:It's a no-touch door opener

Yeah - that's what I finally figured-out that it must be (wasn't obvious to me though  :( ).

I knew what it was too, because I saw one in a store and said WTH? and read the package. Weirdness.

John is extremely allergic to stainless steel(because it's a minimum of 10% chromium - which is what he's actually allergic to), so he bought a brass one, a while back, because pretty much all the public door handles are stainless.
3 days ago

Jay Angler wrote:

May Lotito wrote: Next one I am going to try the Japanese type with cross over back. Faster and easier to put on.

Yes, it was seeing one of those that got me moving on starting this thread - good coverage as I'm prone to splattering "above the waist", but quick to put on and doesn't pull on the neck. I'll need to look through my fabric stash. A cotton sheet seems a bit thin compared to what I'd like.

I've seen some of these, using dead jeans, and that's the direction I'm leaning in. Being able to swap one apron for another - quickly - is another attractive aspect of the Japanese style. So, I might have one with pockets full of painting supplies, in my craft room, and one in the kitchen with pot mits an other odds & ends, and another in my workshop, with tools and another with the goat milkink, first aid, & kidding supplies - and be able to seamlessly switch easily from one job to the next. Length could vary, too - so a shorter one for gardening, and a longer one in the paint supplies,etc.
6 days ago