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Darnell Brawner

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since Nov 02, 2013
Hilton Head Island SC
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Well the land stayed tide up in a legal mess but this month all that finally gets settled.
I've found a guy on the Island I'm living on that started growing olives here a few years ago. I'm going to find the cultivar that he is growing.
He said he harvested about 20lbs from one young tree last year.
I'm going to try a few times and see what happens.
4 years ago
I was wondering if anyone knew of methods to increase a tree fruit and berry season.
My only thoughts would for the early season cultivars to be in sunny spots and late season varieties in the shade.
I also read on permies about using rocks in shallow water to act as thermal storage. Would a tree planned next to one of these shallows experience an earlier spring or later fall.
Also would the light reflected by the pond also offset the daylight and dark cycle a little?
Any other ideas?
5 years ago
Does anyone know where you can order premium oaks that produce large sweet acorns for the southeast?
5 years ago
Ok so I have this shallow 300ft ditch behind my house thats about 15ft wide.
Aug is the rainiest month of the year where i live and it now has about 2.5ft of water in it.
This is what i was thinking of doing with it.

A. cut down the huge wax myrtles on the sides and pile the material down the middle of the ditch then rent an excavator to create a deep channels on the left and right side piling all the dirt into the middle creating a huglebed.

B. cut down the wax myrtles and leave in place then rent an excavator to deepen the ditch piling the dirt on either side in the hopes of creating more of a chinampa.

I think A would give me more plant growing zones and B would allow of aquaculture.
5 years ago
Has anyone heard of using Coppicing to try and extend the life of a fruit tree.
For example lets say you have a none grafted peach tree now they only live about 15-25yrs what would happen if you coppiced every 10yrs? Has anyone tried it?
I know most ppl would just plant/graft a new tree at year 8 next to the old one and just stagger things like that.
I was just wondering if there would be any advantages to trying the coppiced method.
5 years ago
Well i have an idea of what I want a bit of a 2 acre mini homestead.
A kind of perennial zone 1 one stop shop food,fuel,fiber,fodder, "farmaceuticals",etc). Then an aquaponics greenhouse for annuals minus the root crops. Finally a place for future boat and kids play area.

The idea of finding an experienced designer would give me.
A great master starting point
knowledge of local and state codes
contacts to quality affordable earth movers,tree removers, plant suppliers , etc
Also some of the property is zoned wetland buffer so no earthworks but there are things you can do in such areas.

But I guess the southeast is behind in cert perm designers its a real shame since the region is great for growing and there is a lot of rural areas.
5 years ago
Not sure where I should have posted this.
Does anyone know of any resources to find a permaculture designers like a business index or something?
5 years ago
It was my first time building anything like this.
What I learned.
Bamboo is AWESOME everyone with the space should plant it and not just one type i would plant large (6-4in dia), medium(3-2in dia), small(1in dis), tiny (less than 1in dia).
Yucca cord is hella strong but i could have made the cord from bamboo.
Being broke proof and having bushcraft skills really go hand in hand.

Areas where i should have researched and practiced first.
1. Lashing Skills
2. Building natrual bamboo structures.

Next up ill be weaving nesting baskets from some willow and cat tail leaves.

Instead of adding more plastic to the world by buying your kid a Rainbow Loom teach them to how to make natural cordage.
They will get the same motor skill work out and have something with a thousand more usages.

5 years ago
Green chicken coop continued.
5 years ago
I set a goal of creating a carbon negative zero dollar chicken coop.
I got close but i ended up spending $15 and with the use of a few nails and a role of paracord I'm not sure if it broke even on the carbon.

5 years ago