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UPDATE: Regarding PDC..

I am currently taking this free online course..

It appears to be legit and the cost is just right(free)..

Just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm serious..
6 years ago
I have not taken any PDC courses..

I'm looking for a totally inclusive kinda deal, if it's right.. Trading labor for food/shelter(hopefully the food we'd be growing and a room) OR a JOB working at a place..

I would to be OFF GRID one day, so I am willing to make sacrifices on things like electricity/running water...

I can pitch a tent, if necessary..

I do not have any kids or pets or livestock..

I'd like to work on EarthShips, and all types of shelters, and garden/farm.. I won't climb up cliffs/bluffs or go into really,really tight spaces..

I can go solo, if necessary depending on the task.. I can lead or follow, but have an independent spirit..

I hope to gain experience/knowledge that I can use to cut out my own off-grid lifestyle one day.

I provide creative thinking/problem solving, a strong work ethic, and very poor guitar playing, as well as Quick witted, sometimes dry humor.. I am a fairly decent sketch artist and have a lot of business sense(for what that's worth). I also have a strong sense of what's right/wrong, and that's priceless these days... I am a decent singer, as well..

Life is a struggle, and we get knocked down everyday, so I will always fail at something, and that will my signal to get back up, push harder/smarter and learn..

I'd love to work in tropical, sub tropical environments, but any will do, as long as the opportunities to grow and learn are present...

Thanks for your interest..
6 years ago

I am looking for work, no cost internships, or to help a group or persons build, grow and maintain sustainable living environments..

My project experience is limited to installing fences and a well, gardening and canning, tilling, solar water heater, rehabbing a home, and overall problem solving.. I may not be them best person for any one job, but my versatility and creativity make me a really good person to have for most jobs!!!

I have over 10 yrs of office experience w/ 7yrs of that in management.. I have volunteered as a Human Rights Commissioner, and served for about 1 year on a board.. I have also volunteered a security for local events.

I am an accomplished business professional who is seeking more.. I worked for a Non-Profit, for the past 2 1/2 years and it does not pay as well as Finance, but it was much more rewarding... My interests have changed over the past 5 yrs and have been steering me towards sustainable living for the betterment of all...

I would absolutely love an opportunity to do this in Ecuador(some day) and am open to any offers, at this time..

Sincerely yours,

Ready to work/learn/live and grow
6 years ago