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There are a couple of things that stand out to me

1. This kickstarter was launched not long after the Christmas holiday period. I suspect a lot of people are still recovering financially from that.
2. This kickstarter was launched and published shortly after another Kickstarter promoted by the Daily-ish email - To Catch The Rain. Another drain on the wallet.
3. The list of rewards is fantastic, especially the $1 backer level. And you would be right in thinking that a lot of people could spare $1 (regardless of points 1 and 2).  However I suspect the reason there are not a lot more backers at that level is that people who have backed your kickstarters previously already have most of those reward items, so don't feel the need to get them again. Maybe pulling something else out of the grab bag to offer up.
4. They are not you. You already have a large established following. People who have seen you deliver content (paid and free) time and time again. I realise everybody has to start somewhere, but people tend to go with what is tried and tested. You see the same thing on eBay, people tend to shop from sellers with high ratings over newer sellers.
5. They are asking money for a lot of different items in one go, bumping up the total asking amount as a result. Maybe instead of one big kickstarter, they could try breaking it up into a few smaller projects, prioritising the order they need things in.
1 year ago

paul wheaton wrote:I haven't given anybody access to hd download yet.

Hahaha, yeah that'll do it. At least I successfully tested the access denied

Thanks for the response
I also never received the email for the hugelkulture micro documentary. For me spam email just comes in with the subject prefixed with the word spam, so I know I would never have anything auto deleted. I'm not too concerned about it because I received a copy from a previous kick starter and because I can access the content via the links provided above. I did receive the email for Tim's notes so that's a plus

I also have an issue accessing the HD download for the sessions. As an example for Day 1 Session 1, I get the error message "Oooops. You don't have sufficient privileges to access this message". The url that displays the error message is "".

Other sessions yield the same result.

I can success view the stream and do the tiny download.

I did support the kick starter at the ALLFORMATS level so I should be covered.
paid with non-affiliate link, video played perfectly
Paid with PayPal - worked perfectly.
2 years ago