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Thanks for your answers Chris and Wayne.

Chris, I understand to you make a point for creating terraces versus not creating terraces. So it confirms that we are on the right path of doing terraces. But my question is more on whether to infiltrate water into the terraces or not, and if yes how to be confident that there won't be land slides or that the riser won't fall ?

Wayne, so you infiltrate water in your terraces and there's no landslide hazard ? By "bottom slope", do you mean the riser of the terrace (wall) ? or the slope below the riser ?
Regarding the creative solutions you suggest to add, do you mean to add them on the bench or on the riser ?
Thanks for clarifying this.
2 days ago
Hello Guys,

I'm designing a small garden with about 30% of slope. I want to build small terraces in different spot and I wonder if i should infiltrate or drain the water out of the terraces.
My possible water collection from the roof is about 163 m3 annually.
The site is around 250 m2.

Thanks for your help
2 days ago
Thanks for your answers.

Glenn van Agten: yes maybe that deep of a mulch excludes a green manure...
It's a good idea to inoculate. I think I am gonna try a rotten piece of wood from a forest nearby.
I added a nitrogen source because I input my kitchen vegetables scraps below the sawdust.

John Pollard: thanks for the warning. For now, the sawdust is not crusting and is resisting rain and wind very well, and we have had storms over storms for a few weeks. So it's seems to work, maybe also because it's not exposed to direct dominant winds.

I've planted salad seeds... We'll see if they grow !
2 weeks ago
thank you all for your answers !
and for your enthusiasm seeing this picture !

Phil Gardener:
That's what we did in the pictured garden actually.

As you said Chris Kott the drains gets the water. As we build our french drains on contour, the water sits still in the drain and hydrates the gardening bed from below ground level. Your idea to dig tiny trenches across the paths seems good.
Indeed we would also rise the level of some of the boards.

Mike Haasl: thanks. I think that even with a compacted bottom below the path, the water is stopped from going to the bed by the bottom of the retaining wall.

Tereza Okava: could you send a picture of those old ceramic tiles ?

Thank you all again !

2 weeks ago
Hi everybody

I live in Cfb (oceanic temperate climate, in the SW corner of France).

I need to plant a green cover, firstly to "hold" a freshly made bed mulched with sawdust, and secondly to fertilize it.
The bed is just a few square meters.
Ideally, it would be something of short length wherein I can plan winter salads.
Ideally again, I'd like to plant several types of green cover for diversity.

Can you advise me on what green cover to choose ?

1 month ago

I am building Permaculture gardens in France and I am often asked to build raised beds.
But there is an issue I need your help with:
I like to build the footpaths on contour and use them as mini-swales. But because of the borders along the beds, the water collected by the footpaths don't infiltrate very well in the beds.

Do you have any ideas ?

Thanks !

1 month ago
Thanks Gerry, I am investigating your suggestion. It looks nice ! When we take a decision I'll keep you posted guys. Thanks for the guidance.
2 months ago
Thanks for your answer

Ok so :
- Regarding the weight, there's about 1 square meter of reinforced concrete that can withstand 200kg/m2 and the rest is an old wooden floor that can withstand (I guess) around 50-100kg /m2 maximum.
- yes the old fireplace has a chimney and that's what we want to utilize as exhaust.
- I am confident So I'd like to know more about the batch box RMH.
- I figure everything is in the RMH builders guide. Can you point me to where to get a copy ?

Thank you !
2 months ago
Hi everybody

can you help me figure out if it would be possible to build a rocket stove (with a bit of mass) in this new apartment.

I'd like to build it near the old fireplace.

The apartment is at the 1st floor, I am not sure yet how much weight I can put.

Ideally, I'd like to see the flames so a glass side would be nice.

Can you point me to the right solution ?

Thanks for your help.
2 months ago
@Rebecca, thanks for your answer, that's a good idea. I have to check if I can have some large stones like those you used.

@Chris, yes, by "ecological" I mean something that won't harm the soil microbiome nor the production. Charred wood is a good idea ! I have to verify that the aesthetics of it is in accordance with what the client wants.
4 months ago