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Tell your husband to buck up and plant another tree!

I had an uncle that was planting fruit trees at 90.  He was optimistic if nothing else!
10 months ago
I am considering selling mine too. I definitely would if they started getting out. My fencing is hard wire netting with very little give to it. I can wrap my trees with the same material but it just looks like crap. When I look at adding a thousand dollars of trees each fall. My goats may end up having to go.
Interesting fencing issues. I have had my Nigerians about four years and have never had one jump or climb my 48" fencing. I know pigmies will jump and climb but my Nigerians haven't.
don't think I would want to add that much complication for eight goats but I would like to see it done. I tend to be lazy and just throw there gate open while I drink a cup of coffee. I do remind them on the way out to leave my apple trees alone. Works about as well as talking to my kids. In hindsight I guess I should have stuck to gardening and fruit trees. I guess I'm committed now with goats and kids!
I saw the bone sauce recipe a while back and forgot about it. I think it was more for deer than goats but might be worth a try. I have hundreds of fruit trees but would only have to treat those close to the goat pens.
Naturally life would be so much simpler if they would just browse in the woods 30 feet to the left. They act like I it's fenced off and they can't get in.
Great question. I have Nigerian dwarf goats and live next to thousands of acres of forrest. As soon as I let them out they run straight for my fruit trees. If the dont eat the tops they start stripping the bark off. Drives me nuts.
Doesn't seem like you are likely to disturb the pecan trees. They would probably benefit from the added nutrients and moisture. I would avoid getting too close because odd the roots growing into your lines and causing problems down the road. Just my two cents.
Good luck.
4 years ago
My question also. I have read fruit trees are okay but not vegetable crops.
4 years ago
J A wine!
Now your talking. Will try this next week.
4 years ago
Greetings David
Hope for a great round of talks.
4 years ago