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Recent posts by M Johnson

Scott has some seeds coming to him now.

I went ahead and saved a decent amount if anyone else decides they want some

Btw, I am sending seeds now , even if you won’t be sending me any until later when it becomes available

The more unusual the better if it can handle zone 6
2 weeks ago
James has some seeds on the way.  I’m putting the rest in the fridge tomorrow but will set aside 50 in case anyone wants some.  Just pm me.
2 weeks ago
Send me your address in a pm and I’ll send you some and you can send some back in the future.
3 weeks ago
If anyone wants some hit me up here or on purple moosages.  Will be putting them in the fridge Friday.
3 weeks ago
I bought a bunch (800) of antonovka apple seeds and will be putting them in the fridge for stratification this week

But I would love to trade some to others for any kind of fruit tree seed that would be ok in zone 6a.

I would send you some in the mail and you would send something back. Would cost $.40 for each person I think for a stamp. Would want to do it soon though

3 weeks ago
That’s it!  Thanks.
Here are the pictures
1 month ago
So I listened to Paul’s podcast about pep while I was taking my steer to the butcher.  He’s the 11th steer I have raised from either stocker or younger.

I took some pictures which involved showing the trailer, the steer and the butcher shop.  What else would I need to provide for a pep badge?  I have 4 more in the farm and can show fencing I just put up (convention though).

Edit: Can’t seem to add the pictures. I hit add files and it doesn’t do anything. User error I’m sure
1 month ago
Ha! I didn’t know they defaulted the picture.  I’m now our golden retriever
So I signed up for the videos, trying to sign up for podcasts and it said I was signed up already.  Looked like maybe that was from before when it wasn’t split out.

Anyway to tell if people are still signed up from before and then added video?  I do want to support both
It’s long term, but I’ll pay $100 plus shipping for the first antonovka Apple that comes from one of those seeds.
6 months ago