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In for $100...hopefully you crush the goal
1 month ago
Definitely zoodles.   The bigger ones are better. Got this from Jack Spirko (the survival podcast).  

Use the tool in the picture to make a bunch of strips, including outer skin but stop when you get to the seeds.   Then put them in a colander over your sink and salt them a lot.  Leave them for an hour and then wash them thoroughly. They will have the extra moisture taken out to make them more like noodles but the washing helps them from being too salty.

Then put some grass fed butter or or red sauce in a pan and warm it up.  Put the zoodles in and just warm it up.  Add shrimp or chicken or anything else, maybe some parmesean  

It’s delicious and makes you look forward to big zucchini
1 month ago
Can I try it now and then transplant to a pot to wait for fall planting in the ground?
1 month ago
Air-layering plant propagation. Never heard of it before.

I saw a post by Jack Spirko saying this works but you can use a plastic bottle instead.  Apparently you trim off the bark on a branch and cover it with something that has soil in it and it creates roots, then you cut off the limb with the roots and plant it.

But I had never seen this before and wondered if anyone has tried it and how did it go?

Seems like a cheap way to get more trees with just some time invested, but would wonder about the tree...since you are getting roots off the limb which is not the rootstock (my trees are all bought, not from seed), how will it grow and how will it produce?

Here’s a link to a pod you can purchase.  I have not bought this and don’t have any idea about this company.
1 month ago
I’m in just because it’s you
1 month ago
First try at sourdough from a starter I made.  

And it tasted like regular bread.

Had more holes than my 5 minute bread but basically same flavor and no sourdough taste.

Any suggestions?  
4 months ago
I did the bread in an open cast iron pan with water in a tray at 450 degrees so I got a pretty good crust.  I’ll try the brown bag, sounds like fresh is the way to go
4 months ago
So brown bag or bread box keeps it from getting stale, but remains crunchy?
4 months ago