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Recent posts by M Johnson

Has there been any progress on the antonovka apple trees?   Any chance of someone collecting on getting me an Apple this year?
I clicked as soon as I saw it and made the first 10 list but dang, people must have had their fingers on the button!

$100 level, hope we blow past the goal is record time
1 year ago
I’ve got one I can gift, just post her and I’ll hopefully figure out how to get it to you
2 years ago
I’ve had this happen in two different locations. It was creepy but I suspect animas/birds also.  I suspected humans the first time since it was on town.  But once second time happened out at the farm I figured not

2 years ago
I purchased two per what I committed to.   Would be glad to give someone the second one as a gift…let me know if you have someone who needs it and can’t afford it
2 years ago
That was a big advantage of dvds when they came out…chapters
2 years ago
I would love to see this and voted up on it. I can throw in an extra $10 if you are close to the mark to help get you there
2 years ago
So we are building a house and selling a house etc so the orchard has been sort of neglected vs what I thought.   I keep it mowed reasonably though.

But I had some friends come by and pick several bushels of apples and pears.  

I need to spend time getting fruit for the pigs.  I also need to figure out how to harvest taller fruit

It has been fun eating fruit off my own trees.
2 years ago
I will give them to you, just pay the shipping.  

I took the course about 6 years ago so it’s from then. It’s a set of 72 hours I believe
2 years ago