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since Dec 09, 2013
I am 22 and live in the county of St. Charles, about 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis. I have been organic gardening for A large portion of my life. About two years ago I discovered Permaculture and have since eagerly and diligently studied it. My main motivation in pursuing Permaculture is my compassion for this earth and all those living beings inhabiting its awe inspiring lands. My goal in life is to make as much positive impact as I can. I believe that with permaculture we can begin to reverse the growing ecological calamity that threatens our continued existence on this earth. In propagating permaculture now, we set the foundation for a prosperous existence of future generations.
St. Louis
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Recent posts by Cameron Pierce

I'll eat almost anything. A large portion of my diet is fruits and vegetables.

I usually try to limit my meat consumption, but we need not make any special dietary arrangements for me.

I have cooking experience and am good at cutting veggies and other prep work.
5 years ago
Yeah, the Internet is such a great tool to save money!
Bulk qinua , lentals, rice, amaranth, spices...
5 years ago
I would like to stay the 12th-17th.
The food price is acceptable to me.
5 years ago
Thai fish curry stew! Fermented veggies!
I love stuff like that. I usually eat foreign food(Indian,Asian,mideastern) but I'll eat almost any thing healthy. : )
5 years ago
Ok sounds good
I would like a air mattress in the bunk room please.
Just give me a number and I'll make a deposit.


5 years ago
I too am ready to make a deposit
5 years ago
Hey Julia

I want to reserve a spot in the bunk room,
From the 12th to the 16th.

Any idea at this point what that would cost me?

I'm budgeting at around $200 for lodging.

5 years ago

I would love to stay at the Permahouse! I have no problem sleeping on the floor if need be.

Sounds like a great opportunity to meet with like minded people. also I can help cook if we decide to do so.

Thanks Julia, I appreciate your efforts in coordinating housing!
5 years ago

Diego Footer wrote:

I will ask my brother, but I think there were some pull out couches.

I look at it too like, if someone wants to pay close to nothing and sleep on the floor, go for it.

Ill pay close to nothing to sleep on a floor! Keep me updated please
5 years ago