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Recent posts by Heather Staas

As someone who does keto and grows all my own produce I want to note that  I eat vegetables with every meal everyday and snack on raw veggies and berries as well.  Keto isn't no veg/carnivore.  It's fat-based low carbohydrates. I don't eat potatoes, grain, sugar. Almost all green veg, avocado, are encouraged and do not move me out of ketosis.  Small amts of tomato, eggplant, pumpkin, onion also fine. Regular fresh herbs and berries and melon as well.  

Attaching a random keto food pyramid example, you can find others.  
1 week ago
I would be inclined to mow frequently, but keep it longer than typical.   Mulch mow so all those clippings are going directly back into the soil.   Possibly overseed with something like white clover to help improve soil also.

Start saving cardboard.

Look into chip drop or other sources of free loads of wood chips (research, plan).  

Have you seen Paul Wheaton's book "Building a Better World in your Backyard..." ?   Great ideas for improving and converting lawn areas as well.  I'm especially thinking "worm hotels" deep but narrow holes for in ground composting to attract worm populations to aerate and start converting nutrients faster.

Then plan to mow the grass short, cardboard, and woodchip in manageable strips/sections.  

Last year I did this to  1/3 of my front yard, and planted it this spring.  

Becks Franz wrote:Hi.. my first post and so happy I found this page
Questions for those that have posted.. are there dating sites that are more geared towards this type of lifestyle or is it really just catering your "ad" to try and attract like minded individuals?

Welcome Becks!   If there is a site for "us" I haven't found it.   There is "farmers only" but that's not been a good source of connection for me over the years.  Have poked around on there a bit now and then.   Match had a bigger pool of diverse people,  eharmony doesn't let you post photos of your hobbies, yard, etc. so that makes it difficult to share who you are as easily, imo.   I'm trying FB dating now that I have my first smartphone.  Meh.   At least it's free but most matches are not close enough to develop, and others are really just looking for an easy weekend hookup.   That's not appealing to me at this age/point in life.   I want to wake up touching the same person every morning and banter about who's turn it is to get up and make coffee    
1 month ago
I haven't done it, but I'm on canning lists where folks regularly can milk for long term storage.  I also see lots of failures from folks trying it.
1 month ago

Bee Brode wrote: as then said broth is occupying space outside of a refrigerated environment (which is premium real estate).

(hoping I did this quote thing right for once)

100% on the real estate comment.   It's my biggest motivation for getting my pressure canner; once i realized I can do bone broth, meat, shop bulk sales, etc. and STORE it all without needing freezer space I was sold.  I raw pack most things and it pressure cooks while canning, another time-saving piece.  
1 month ago
For just tomatoes I would not bother.   BUT I love my pressure canner!  I do meat, soup, veg, AND it can be used as a water bath canner if I need.   It is induction compatible and switching to an induction cooktop cut my electric bill by 60%.    

If you want to branch out into preserving OTHER foods then it's well worth it, imo.
1 month ago

Thinking... maybe a sweet herbal tea bundle/recipe will be next.

If I have enough Stevia ready for next time.   This one was just lemon verbena and stevia, but I have also added lemon basil and it was very nice too.

I'm starting to seriously think about having a kitchen inspection and getting certified to give out free samples.  
1 month ago
So,  week/event two accomplished and under my belt!   Things learned,  ideas validated, more friends made!

I'm learning how to use Instagram @@ that's interesting.   I DID do the bundled recipe herbs and that was a GOOD seller!   Who doesn't love ranch dressing?  

Next time I'm introducing a "grab and go" lower price point flower bouquet.   I don't think this market can support even a moderate priced arrangement (mine are a few dollars less than markets around in more affluent towns),  although maybe people stop and look wistfully and think about it but decide they can't.   Still, lots of conversations with folks asking about different flowers,  watching the bees,  and stopping to chat!  

Looking forward to week 3 with more display tweaks and marketing ideas.   Not sure what herbs/recipe will be on the "menu" next time.   I think the spoon tomatoes will sell when they are actually fruiting,  and that may be by next event.    Same with peppermint when it gets a bit larger.  

Still actively seeking out and engaging with different local FB pages to get people to the market,  and promoting other vendors and products as well!  
1 month ago
I've been waiting to hear about an available date, looks like I get to do it AGAIN tomorrow!   Exciting.   I'm updating how I do some things,  bringing different amts. of inventory,  I have been learning to instagram as well as a FB  page (which I'm very familiar with already).   Let's hope that drives more people to the market.   It's supposed to be much milder weather tomorrow so I hope that helps.

I have peppermint, moringa, and sweet woodruff plants.   I'm still looking for good options to let permies people know what I have for plants,  I think they are most likely to know what I'm selling, as well as coming to support local small growers/clean foods.   Groups on FB to join,  #s to use on instagram,  etc.  

I'm still reaching out to other markets that I might be able to pick up on other days, if I think I have enough materials to bring.   I'm signed up for a one-time weekend community event in October, so I'll get to test run my "kids activities" themes then for sure!  

I AM doing "ranch dressing herb bundles"  This week,  along with the recipe.    I can't do samples without a board of health kitchen inspection ahead of time, bummer.   Homemade ranch sells itself if people can taste it!  
1 month ago