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Thank You for basic rules.
My building is more windy than outdoor, no windows, no doors, just holes

How it looked today (outside/inside + 6c).
Additional air supply added (helps for full loads):

Filmed after 20minutes after burn was started.
Inside fireplace : 542C
top of the barrel: 160C

Still no exhaust pipes, not insulated below the fireplace.

Are my temperatures too low?

6 years ago
And HR total height is 8*11.5+6.5 = 98,5 cm.
6 years ago
Hi all,
Sorry for my english, as it isn't my mothertongue. After long time reading this forum i decided to register.
This is my 2nd rocket stove
- 1st one was made of varmsen plates, and simply damaged after few minutes of rocket fire (varmsen don't like fire...)
So lesson from 1st stove is: rocket stove exists.

My current stove (2nd one) is made of schamotte bricks (230 x 114 x 64mm )
Heat riser inner dimensions are: 16.5*16.5 cm (272 sq cm)
Insulated using leca (75% of height) & perlite (25% of h), perlite covered (2cm) by cob;
Steel sheet around insulation has r= 22.5cm
and the barell is typical 200L one (r = 29.5cm).

Distance between top of HR and bottom of the barell is about 8cm.

Feed chamber is 16,5x16,5cm (the same as HR)
Total lenght of bottom plate inside the stove is 57cm (including feed chamber and HR).
Fire tunnel size: 16.5x (11.5+5.6) => W= 16.5 H= 18.5

Stove is non-insulated from the bottom,
covered by cob around fire bricks.

Distance below barrell for exhaust gases about 8cm (above the cob cover),

Yesterday and today in my shed: outside/inside about +5C (41F), floor temperture about +1C (33.8F)...yes, it is very hot December here (stove is expected to work in -25C upto 3 weeks)
Tested with not so dry wood - 6months to 1year stored outside & dry wood as well (old fence rail) & even wooden briquettes....

Don't have exhaus pipes yet, but as i saw on YT people have rockets without any pipes, so i expect my stove should work

Tried to add more fresh air from the front (hole in the front wall)...tried to built higher feed chamber...nothing helps.

And the result is:
it is not a rocket stove: temperature at the bottom (top) of barell is just 110C (about 230F)
It does not sound like rocket, just like.. Cat purr

So the question is: What do i did wrong?
the only i can guess is to try it without barell...
6 years ago