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Maybe a bit more info would help - what type of brewing setup do you have and what equipment:
3 Tier gravity system of HLT - MLT - Kettle?
Using pumps?
HERMs setup?
Are you planning on using the "rocket stove water heater 1" as the HLT, or setting it up to use as a hot water heater for other purposes in addition to the brewing?
Do you need the 200L all at once for 2 simultaneous batches?

7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:
Plus, I think the kickstarter is designed for holiday shopping: get a dozen as gifts for the holidays and a few left over for bits and bobs the following year.

So I bought my brick through the first Kickstarter campaign but thought I'd still leave a 5 star review on Amazon
Mentioned it was a great idea to buy multiples for easy Christmas gifts.

A few troublesome possums and a couple of duck carcasses.
Only thing remaining is the duck bill.
8 years ago
Cool - just found that the "COMMON WEEDS AND WILD EDIBLES OF THE WORLD" is available to watch with my FMTV subscription!
Will be watching this tonight!!!
8 years ago
Nice, I like it!
Will come in very handy.
8 years ago
Aha! I knew I recognised your face from somewhere else Sergei - Powered by Green Smoothies!!
8 years ago

Feidhlim Harty wrote:Hi Stuart,

If you'd like me to copy and paste the septic tank inspection section of my new book into an email, just let me know. It's brief, but may be able to offer some additional information. I'm at if you'd like to follow it up.

That sounds very useful!
8 years ago
Sounds like you have a 2 tank septic system like we have here on our acreage property. We moved in at the end of last year, so a steep learning curve for me on septic too.

We have the 1st tank closest to the house. It basically allows the solids to settle out to the bottom. When more solids and fluid enters the tank, the tank is now 'overfull' and the excess runs out the pipe at the high level of the tank into the 2nd septic tank, which is at a lower level.

As this fluid enters the 2nd tank it again settles out any solids remaining, and as this tank is effectively now 'overfull' the excess flows out the pipe at the high level of the tank again and into a seepage pit (which is lower than the 2nd septic tank), and has grass growing on top of it. The grass then puts the excess nutrients to work, and any extra moisture soaks down into the earth. We have several seepage pits on the property, and you can tell exactly where they are due to the extra green grass!

The top tank will have the most solids in it, so will definitely need an inspection, and sounds like it will need a pump out too.

Good luck.
8 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Gary Grata wrote:Not certain when the 72 hr. download window expires as it didn't open til later than expected, so I'm still wondering if the old (4) DVD download is part of that 72 hr. window since I haven't received any answer to my original question regarding same. Thanks for all the efforts poured into this!

The emails for the old 4-DVD set have now all been sent. Did you get it?

I got mine (the one for the Scrubbly downloads) - same as Cassie's email, it was in the junk folder, so have added it to my safe list. They downloaded fine.

I think from my experience and several others - if you are waiting for an email make sure to check your inbox AND junk folder
Woohoo, email was in the junk, now in the safe list

Just checking though, in the email it says to send my vimeo acct user number?
Do I need to setup a vimeo acct? I must have missed that in the details??