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Recent posts by Max Miller

Thank you for writing and promoting this article. I really enjoyed reading it. I look forward to rereading it again this evening.
3 years ago
Hello fellow desert Permies!

Yesterday an article popped into my news feed about a project in India that was placing Solar Panels over its canals to shade the canal and reduce evaporation.
Here's the linkSolar panels over canals

My first thought was "that's an awesome function stack" so I told my friend, who's first response was "why didn't we (Americans) think of that?!"

I spend a LOT of time driving around southern Arizona and California where I see lots of canals and an increasingly amount of solar projects. It seems that the two things often in short supply here are water and power and this could help with both.

4 years ago
A thought on the interior design. It seems like a space that small could benefit from a Murphy bed-like design to allow function stacking in a room. For instance if the bed could fold down onto onto the mass at night but when folded away could serve as a bench for a work area.

5 years ago
Just wanted to make my officialish introduction post to the Permies forum.

What I'm doing: Not much.

I've got a small permaculture project I've been working on a hillside behind a house I rent. To get to it I have to climb over a wall or gain access through a neighbor's property but its mine to play with and learn from. Its my little windmill to tilt at every week, and I consider anything I can get to grow out there to be a victory.

I'm not really a forum guy, I'm a podcast person, so I consume most of my media while doing other things, and I don't really anticipate posting much. Occasionally though I feel compelled to say or write something, until I see it articulated in a much niftier fashion than I could have. I've really enjoyed the wealth of information here, and it makes me happy.

5 years ago
Wishing you a speedy recovery. I've come to appreciate your appearances on the podcast and am looking forward to listening to more Sunday walks.
5 years ago
The dailyish email reminded me of my favorite pie, Orange Pie. Here's a photo of last years.

5 years ago

Jennifer Wadsworth wrote:

Brett Andrzejewski wrote:I've discovered that there are a lot of Permaculture people in the desert, yet not a lot post on Permies.

So true!

There is a fairly large permaculture community in Phoenix - the largest group is the Valley Permaculture Alliance (whose Ning network I designed back in 2008 - they are now over 5000 members). There's also a LOT of permaculturists in Tucson and quite a few in Flagstaff.

There's at least one of us (me) over in here in Yuma Arizona.
5 years ago
This looks like it would be great for weekend errands.

5 years ago