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Dennis Barrow

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since Jan 19, 2014
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10 miles NW of Helena Montana
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Recent posts by Dennis Barrow

That puts a bunch of puzzle pieces together for me!
Every time I plant a tree of any type, I have to dig a huge hole and fill it with good soil because my ground is not the best.
Over the last 4 years my garden soil is improving to where I feel it is decent for plants.
I have always known that the starts I have, whether ones I start from seed or ones I purchase, are going into soil that is not as good as what they are grown in.
I am going to try this, starting seeds in poor soil, then transplanting to better soil.  I am starting some seeds today.  Won't be trees, just veggies, but will see how it works.
2 weeks ago
If you see your glass is half empty, pour it into a smaller glass and stop bitching.
2 weeks ago
Why can't you hear a Pterodactyl go to the bathroom?
Because the P is silent.
1 month ago
As far as HOA's go, I lived in one for about 19 years.  I built an 8 foot fence to maximum area allowed, which was 3/4 of my 1/2 acre.
Hardly any lawn inside that area.  Just enough for the grandkids to play on.  The rest was garden, flower beds, large clothes line etc.
Someone complained about my clothes line once and I threatened to sue them for being a peeping tom.  No way to see into the yard from anywhere unless you were on a roof.
Never heard another thing from them.... lol  Just finished making the bed with my sun dried sheets.  I love that smell.
2 months ago
We just hung our sheets out on the line, over the snow bank, but in the sun and temps are in the 40's now, 10:30 am.  I love the smell of sun dried sheets.
2 months ago
I make bad decisions when I'm drunk,
but the sober ones haven't been that great either.
2 months ago
Don't be mad at lazy people, they haven't done anything.
2 months ago
Egg layers when they are laying eggs................... pets when they aren't.            ;-)
3 months ago