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Columbia Falls, MT
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Recent posts by Dennis Barrow

Lead by example.  I always try to do the right thing, whether it is picking up garbage, cleaning up messes in public area's, saying "hi" to pretty much everyone I see.
Recycle everything possible.  Helping neighbors.  I am nearing retirement and planning on working full time when I do.  That will be helping people with whatever they need.  Some for free, some for trade.
Currently looking for a small piece of property to "start over" on.  Build small and be self sufficient and possible.  Building and maintenance background so pretty handy there.
oh, I think I started to ramble....  lol
3 weeks ago
I had cancer a couple years ago also, tho not as spread as yours.
Started many therapies, essiac tea, cbd's (refined marijauna oil), every type of natural items I could find.

I had surgery a few months later and doctor said it was receding amazingly.

Good luck to you and your family.

Your "letter" you wrote is amazing.

2 months ago
I had to thin out my strawberry bed and saw a video by someone in Australia that built a raised bed out of pallets.
I made one this past Monday.
Cut the slats out of pallets and stained them from stain I had.
Took a few hours but turned out pretty nice I think.
No cost because I used materials I had on hand.
Lined the bottom with small branches, compost, some "clay dirt" I had and a few inches of good soil on top.

2 months ago
Welcome, Dr Tilgner!
The book you have written sounds fantastic !!
2 months ago
We have a few deer in our area that are always in the neighbors yards, but not mine. 

My kids built a fence a few years ago for my wife for mothers day.  It is 6 feet tall, 6' wide fence boards with 1/4 " spacing. 

Just down the road some folks have a chain link fence 6' tall and have deer in their yard all the time.  We don't.
I figure it is because they can't see inside so won't jump the fence.

If they knew what was growing in my yard it would be a different story.  And it would devastate us as we grow 60%  of our own food.

I know it is not an orchard, but visibility may be a key to this also.  I have seen many reflectors, cd's, special tapes, etc. that bounce any light around.  I know that helps as the deer don't like it.
3 months ago
I love these gift wrap idea's.  When I was a kid we used the sunday funny papers for wrap.  Saved them for several months and then would cut out funnies of the same type and tape them together so the person getting the gift had several cartoons of the same type.
3 months ago
This forum reminded me of when the grain trains used to derail around the south side of Glacier National Park all the time, (many years ago). 
The railroad would bury the grain next to the tracks, well, a few weeks later the grain would ferment and the grizzly bears loved to dig it up and eat it. 
Nothing like watching a bunch of grizzlies, (from a distance) staggering around drunk!! 
4 months ago
I was winter camping about 35 years ago and it was so cold I pulled my hudson bay blanket over my head during the night.  Had to have help in the morning to get near the fire to thaw it out.... it was totally frozen across my face.
7 months ago
I started my vermicomposting a few years ago by having my grand daughter help me pick up worms from the sidewalk and driveway after a good rain. 
We put them in a compost pile and have added food scraps.  I have done nothing else with them, (well, I have taken a few fishing from time to time )
I have several gallons of casting waiting for me come this spring.  And I know the worms winter well because they are all local yocals.
9 months ago
Would a good insulated wall and a soda can solar heater work? 
If the solar is working a fan powered by a small solar panel to move the warm air around the greenhouse.
Just a thought.
1 year ago