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Great information!
We are just getting ready to sell our home and move onto 10 acres that is considered mountain desert.  Pretty dry.  Wells produce plenty of water, but I figure if I don't have to water as often I can have more time to play.
Thank you for this info.  Timing is everything!!
3 weeks ago

Dillon Nichols wrote:I have seen a topless IBC on pallet forks on a tractor used to lift a pair of volunteers to tree level...

Seemed legit until someone climbed a ladder set inside the IBC...

Works for me... lol
1 month ago
We can, freeze and dehydrate about 60% of our food from our small back yard with a few raised beds.
I have saved our seeds for the next year for a long time, (going on 20 years).
That being said, I do spend $10 or so a year on new seeds, varieties that I want to try and different flowers.
But this year I am ordering carrot seeds..... I saved seeds this year but cannot find them ;-(
I am sure that when the seed packets show up in the mail they will turn up.
Tried to edit my post, but all thumbs.

Here is my strawberry patch today.  It really likes this raised bed.
9 months ago
It really is a terrific ideas she came up with for these books.  One could spend a lot of time pondering "what if's"... well, I guess she did do that and wrote a bunch of books on it.   lol
9 months ago
Got it.... If I post "Quality Post" 15 million times I have a better chance.... lol
9 months ago
I am a fan of Sci Fi and permiculture and gardening and being healthy...

Well, I think your book sound fantastic!!  If I don't win a copy I will need to purchase one.

Hope I win, win, win,  lol.

9 months ago
The wife and I have been looking for property here in NW MT for about a year now.  When we do find it, we should have our plans in place for what to do first.

I already told the wife that fruit trees go in before building the home.

Then a small garden, maybe a couple raised beds while building, gotta eat, ya know?

Next will be infrastructure for the animals we will need.  Slow and easy, don't want to get overwhelmed by it.

I didn't mention that I am of social security age and when we find the property we will probably retire to work on it.  Current house will sell for quite a bit so will $$ to buy land and build home.  Going to downsize home to probably 1000 sq ft.  We have 5 children, four of them sons that are all builders.  They figure 2 weeks to weather in a home for us.  Glad we didn't get something this spring because turns out they are all pretty busy right now.  One moved to ST Croix, USVI to help rebuild, another just had a daughter, (5 granddaughters and no grandsons, yet), then another is moving back into Montana from Wyoming and the other one is building his own home right now.

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

But yes, a plan  is shaping up and the 3 first things would be:

Fruit trees


9 months ago
Lead by example.  I always try to do the right thing, whether it is picking up garbage, cleaning up messes in public area's, saying "hi" to pretty much everyone I see.
Recycle everything possible.  Helping neighbors.  I am nearing retirement and planning on working full time when I do.  That will be helping people with whatever they need.  Some for free, some for trade.
Currently looking for a small piece of property to "start over" on.  Build small and be self sufficient and possible.  Building and maintenance background so pretty handy there.
oh, I think I started to ramble....  lol
10 months ago
I had cancer a couple years ago also, tho not as spread as yours.
Started many therapies, essiac tea, cbd's (refined marijauna oil), every type of natural items I could find.

I had surgery a few months later and doctor said it was receding amazingly.

Good luck to you and your family.

Your "letter" you wrote is amazing.

1 year ago