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Recent posts by Enrique Garcia

Thanks everyone for your excellent advice !! I do practice permaculture but adopted this community garden where they just want something to grow as it is on same property as Farmer's Market, to promote growing in the desert. It isn't a commercial venture by any means. And many things grow here in the desert !! We get plenty of sun so we just gotta take care of the irrigation & great soil & we are all set !!
1 year ago
Thanks Redhawk !

Someone suggested steer manure at $1.50 a bag + Wood chips + Worms  .. any experience with this ?
1 year ago
"kitchen scraps ... add some red wiggler worms"

That is my usual cheapest method but not fastest.
Have you got great & immediate results using this method ?
1 year ago
I got a Community Garden with no money I gotta repair soil as fast & as cheap as possible to start growing yesterday !
I know more expensive methods both time wise & monetarily speaking $$$ but how fast & cheap can we go while still getting best growing conditions as the garden has to perform as it's right next to a weekly Farmer's Market.
I have access to worms so a few beds I could set some experiments in motion which will pay off in the very near future but most beds need to be planted ASAP
as our last freeze here in the desert happens this week !!

Thanks in advance for any & all attention to this matter. It is much appreciated !!
1 year ago
Thanks Myrth for the link !! That's exactly what I was looking for !!
Want to mention hummingbird feeders are no good as they teach natural critters to prefer the easy unnatural sugar you give it rather than it's natural therefore perfect food nature created .. cuz you know .. Mother Nature is smarter than us ... let it be .. plant flowers instead !!
1 year ago
I do in ground sometimes open pit composting & solution to too many critters is simply add carbon as the smell is what attracts them but sufficient carbon solves both smell & critters.

Awesome design !~!
1 year ago
I'm helping friends build their veggie garden & against my wishes they made concrete beds. What can we line these with as from what I know leeching will occur.

Also any resources I can refer their builders to for future reference would be very helpful !! Thanks !!
What does he think of sunken bed Hugelkultur in the desert ? With Ollas too. (Clay pots without glaze that you bury in garden & keep filled with water so plants can drink at their leisure).
4 years ago
I teach Permaculture in Las Vegas school system .. cool ... but one of the non-profits we are working with is using Concrete to build their garden beds ... which they say is safe but from what I understand .. concrete gets hot in summer & cold in winter .. concrete isn't even a good building material ... it's just cheap .. economics profit mentality wins again ... are there any resources I can send to them to get them to see this ? They say they looked into it ... 95% of our gardens are made with wood .. I even got one school to build a flat bed which uses 30% less water (Sunken hugelkultur beds are on their way !!) .. but this school has gardens which could be leaching into the soil etc ... any help is greatly appreciated !!
5 years ago