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Retired ariwing jarhead working a second career as an engineer in the semi-conductor world to be finally free.
Northwest Montana from Zone 3a to 4b (multiple properties)
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Recent posts by Bill Erickson

First off, my apologies for having been absent and not following through on Kerry and Jeremy's inquiries. Special thanks to Nicole for stepping up while I've "been away" a bit.

As Kerry and Jeremy have already sorted that part out, all good on their end.

And yes, Jeremy is definitely doing some great things! Folks would be well advised to check out his stuff.

Tom, I'm sending a PM to clarify what he thinks about Paul's suggestions and getting the rest of the pledges/projects sorted and in the Wiki.
3 months ago
Hey, Mark, I'm figuring you meant October and not August there. But if you have a spiffy time machine then I want a RIDE!
3 months ago

Nick Dimitri wrote:What's a boot? Or what kind of Who is a boot? I'm not even exactly sure what a Kickstarter is either...? Then to biologically reverse one??? I can guess a kickstarter is a crowd-funding site?  If so I got an idea ... or a wish for posterity. Either way, it's clear we need to make more oxygen and sequester more carbon as while "global warming" supplanted Ozone Layer loss in the media, doubtless it's still and likely is more an issue today, than way back when the ball was dropped. Microalgae is the fastest growing plant in the world, so then fastest at making oxygen and sequestering carbon. Can be grown to become lipid (fat, oil) heavy, fed to cars, animals and to have a respectable EFA profile for human consumption, better than fish oils too (important):

We can grow microalgae within a closed photobioreactor so water medium is not lost to evaporation. Then grown on non-arable desertified land algae wont displace food crop land for land to grow fuel crops. In North America algae was more often grown for machine fuel.

A photobioreactor can be made of glass or food grade plastic, as i've been schooled on elsewhere here, to eliminate leaching from desert heat. Then angled to catch the sun and have solar powered lights on inside to maximize photosynthesis. If this were done on scale it would make O2 & CO2 on scale.

Nick, how would you like to define the challenge and do you want to make a pledge?

I'm thinking along the lines of:

X number of Portable photobioreactors made from glass (aka HUSP compliant).
Photobioreactor structure made with glass and materials off the Lab (also HUSP compliant)

Is that what you are thinking of here?
3 months ago

Dominic Crolius wrote:Lead acid batteries suck.  The price is very high.  They are disposable after about 7-10 years.  They are full of toxic materials like lead and emit toxic gases.  They also require gentle care and the slightest snafu will destroy all of them.  I have done a bit of research into the Thomas Edison nickel iron batteries.  They seem low tech, safe, cheaper, and they get better with age.  I worked on the railroad and they had some from the land before time that still did a great job.  (I'm guessing 40's)  They lose charge quicker than lead acid, but if it lasts for a hundred years does it matter?  Holy crap are they heavy, but they can be treated like crap and still work wonderfully.  Some of the methods used to make nickel iron batteries seem doable.  I have seen folks on youtube making tiny versions only.  I have read the few posts on permies regarding them.  Great reading, but the only options seemed to be Edison batteries, the commercial route.  $1k for a 12 volt 100 amp Edison.  One of the biggest costs would appear to be nickel at first glance.  I do pottery and powdered nickel is not very expensive.  I would put 200 toward a good how to video or a horrible failure with lots of expletives.

As a lover of all things conspiracy I'm guessing the Exide company stopped making these batteries because they lasted too long.  It didn't work with our planned obsolescence society.  Enter the compact fluorescent.
Helpful reading if you choose to accept this challenge:

I meant to add I think this would make a great kickstarter.  I imagine people from all over the world would be interested in throwing their money at you for making a documented attempt at a large battery bank for Wheaton Labs.

That's a heck of a project, Dominic! Would you like to see it as a "Boot only" or an "any Resident" project?

Seriously, that would be a heck of a traditional Kickstarter!

3 months ago

Kerry Rodgers wrote:

and then I'll arrange for transfer of funds/delivery of goods.  

Bill, can you elaborate on how that will work?  In the past (e.g. Gapper Love, Ant Love, ...), some people needed/wanted other stuff more than money.  Maybe they didn't have a (working) bank account, or hated paypal, or were at the Labs to escape consumerism and didn't want it back in, or didn't want to spend their limited time on the 'net shopping, or ... or ...  Probably some residents would like a reward of better food, but getting that requires a rare trip to town, with maybe doesn't fit on the Boot schedule very well.  (Or maybe it does.  I haven't seen.)

I think there've been some features added to the Permies platform that might support micropayments.  So question is somewhat about that.  

But also, question is about getting truly wanted stuff into residents' hands.  Me, I have no special access to antique tools, and I can't come there and cook a meal.  I only have Amazon and electronic cash transfer services, and those haven't seemed to be the most wanted, most helpful, most motivating items so far.

Kerry, I'll see if I can make some sense here. Basically I'm going to be the conduit for making sure the "artifact creator" and the pledge get put together once the artifact is made. Folks doing the pledging then offer up what artifact they'd like to see and whatever they are willing and able to pledge. If there is an existing one they want to pile in on, whether it be $10 cash money or something tangible, and I'll make the transfer. The transfer for cash is going to be whatever we need to make it happen, whether electronic or physical. For physical items, we'll likely have them sent to the mailing address for Base Camp/the Lab, and I'll deliver them personally. All the rewards you've listed are entirely doable with this venture.

The idea here is to provide challenges and rewards to the Boots, Ants and other residents at the Lab with things that folks on permies want to see happen. Put cash or physical goods in the hands of folks being creative in ways that help with forward motion for permaculture.

Hope that helps.
3 months ago

Mike Jay wrote:Successfully brood a batch of chicks under a hen/duck/turkey

Is that an "any Resident" or Boot only thing, Mike?
3 months ago
Got a bunch of pledges in today - so I thought I'd spruce up a bit and add a little color to the page. Thank you to all who have pledged so far!
4 months ago

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    I can't believe I made it this month. Seriously, staff was on it like a dog on a meaty bone.
    The only thing I left behind was my tool belt, which has already been successfully retrieved.
    4 months ago