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If your beaver have functionally destroyed your bridges through flooding, there might not be a way around tearing those dams down. Discouraging beavers at point A will not really be a detriment to nature if you can ENCOURAGE beavers to build at point B.

These 2 videos aren't EXACTLY what I was looking for, the do capture some of what I was saying.

Working with beaver to restore habitat. This image and video
Working with Beaver to Restore Salmon Habitat

This one talks about building a partial dam to encourage the beavers to build at point B, thereby leaving point A alone.
Beaver dams without beavers? Artificial logjams are a popular but controversial restoration tool

Sorry its not exactly what you were looking for, or that I was looking for. But I have had a lot of wine tonight, so perhaps my google-fu will be better tomorrow. The general consensus is, that if you don't want to kill the beaver(anti-beaver murder = YAY), that you can't "stop" them from building damns at your bridges and culverts. You have to actively encourage them to build elsewhere. But if you need to be rid of an existing dam, you don't have an alternative but to tear it down. Having said that. Tear it down as early as possible! They need time to recover, since they store their food(young succulent branches) underwater and if the pond drops too low, the food won't stay good throughout winter.

Since it is "crown land"(which is equivalent to federal land in the US), you might be able to just drop some larger branches in the water closer to the main pond. Let them create noise turbulence. Remember, it appears to be noise that triggers the beaver. If you drop 2-3 trees across the streams t the same location, you have done 70% of the beaver's work for it. Its just filling the cracks at that point.

1 week ago
I will be able to come for the pizza party also. I will bring a tent for camping, so no need for accommodations.

Sorry folks, I have family in Eastern Washington I will be visiting, so no carpool from me.

Don't feel bad. These words...

Jeremy Butler wrote:The goal is to have my shelter winter ready

are almost always followed by these words...

Jeremy Butler wrote: I think I'm probably behind schedule

Progress is impressive regardless.

Plopping yourself in bum-fuck-nowhere Montana is a hard deal, you are doing great!
Beaver dam removal is a fairly common thing. You could call your local Animal control and they could give you numbers of who to call(It varies betweens states or provinces). But after you remove it, check to see if you can simply encourage beavers to build somewhere else instead of trying to fight the beavers.

From what I have heard, beavers will always build dams where they hear rushing water. Instead fo trying to protect your drains, make sure that there are splashy water features close to where you WANT the beavers to build damns. They build them there, then leave the downstream culverts alone. So long as they don't hear the rushing water from their pond, they won't try to damn the section of the stream.

The Sound of Running Water Puts Beavers in the Mood to Build
Why Beavers Build Dams]Why Beavers Build Dams

I swear I saw a video where they showed an example of where the road crew of some state actually put a metal grate upstream of the culvert. The beavers her the water rushing through it, and damned it up. this left the road culvert clear for proper drainage. I will defiantly try to find this video... It had actual footage of what they did. 
1 week ago
That wiring pic is actually really helpful when visualizing the setup. Not enough natural building work covers the options there(with pictures). Lots explain it, but this picture is much more clear.
1 week ago
I asked around a bit, and it was suggested that the Mike Oehler book has some numbers.

  • The $50 and Up Underground House Book by Mike Oehler. You can buy the digital version here, but there are also links to Amazon physical versions if you choose.
  • Mike Oehler's Low-Cost Underground House Workshop & Survival Shelter Seminar - 3 DVD+2 Books Deal. This has both his books and his 3 DVD seminar as a digital download deal.

  • 3 weeks ago
    Hey Penny,

    I tried to find the information for you, but my skills in Natural building are low.

    Permies has the 48 Hour Rule. If you don't get a good answer to your question in 48 hours, you can post in the Tinkering forum(with a link back to this post) and say you "invoke the 48 hour rule". The staff will then try to track down the answer for you. If they can't find anything, then they will put it out to the Daily-ish email users to try to find an answer. I bet someone has the answer, they are just missing the post.
    3 weeks ago

    On the webpage for the PDC, there are still some tiles have Scubbly links to the Rocket Mass Heater items under the "Permaculture Design Course Instructors" -> "Erica Wisner - 2018 PPDC Instructor" section. If there are more appropriate links to the "Digital Market", you might want to replace them.

    Also the META tag has description of "May 28 - June 10 by Tim Barker and Paul Wheaton. A permaculture design course (PDC) in Montana with emphasis on homesteading design.".

    Misspelling on Lily's bio... "steward of a ΒΌ acer community" of course should be acre.
    8 months ago
    I'm pretty sure that any trowel will kill slugs the same.
    10 months ago
    Copper is anti-microbial to surface contact. Generally too much copper will cause living cells to die. Electron transfer is the the main mechanism that drives biological processes. The cells die not because they are "poisoned", but because the high concentrations of copper conduct electrons so well they literally drain the energy from biological processes by conductivity. Its a great way to keep bacteria out of a water supply, or moss from growing on your roof, but not really good at growing plants in the concentrations a copper tool would provide. (Elemental copper, as opposed to copper sulfide)

    This is a form of the "Supplement" argument for nutrition. If you need to take a supplement to be healthy, it is "better" to fix your nutrition.

    If there is something that make claims about the benefits of copper or magnets, its best to stay away.
    10 months ago