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I can confirm. It seems like the podcast was cut so that at about 1:06:22 the podcast ends, but there is untrimmed static.

I have a way old version on my iPhone. So this must have been the issue when the podcast was re-cut. The transition announcement is also different.

Mike Jay wrote:PS. I second Todd's comment about deer and turnips.  I haven't seen them eating them myself but I know they are a major component in deer plot seed mixes.  Possibly the deer only eat them after they've frozen and the other easy eating food is gone but I wouldn't risk them outside a fence if I wanted to get a good yield.

Turnips are not always grown for the root vegetable. Turnips are also grown as a seed oil crop(Rapeseed is named after the latin word for turnip(rapum) ), and as a late fall fodder crop. The green tops are eaten first, then as the season gets later, they will start to pull out the bulbs. Since turnips are relatively cold hardy, they continue to grow(though slowly) even later in the fall. So the foliage stays green where grasses might have turned brown.
Brassica fodder crops for fall grazing
High quality feed at a good price: Oats and Turnips for fall grazing

Adding turnips to your grazing pasture is easy, since they make like a gazillion seeds.
1 day ago
I finally got my Pioneer the other day.

You know what held me up? The damn stickers. I didn't select any profile stickers.

Trying to get arbitrary internet points is hard sometimes...
how high off the surface isn't as important as how much noise the water makes. Beavers build damns in response to the sounds rushing water makes. In the post BEAVERS - our bridges are gone! we discuss a bit about beaver interactions with bridges. in your case, if you are bridging over the still water of the beaver pond, there should be no issue. It's only when your bridge posts interact with the flowing water of the river/creek that beavers go wild as building.
2 days ago

Lucrecia Anderson wrote:Can you get some headphones/earbuds and lose yourself in some music or a movie/series? Maybe even spring for an old school transistor radio (great for power outages too) and use that to listen to talk radio or whatever.

I was trying to drown out the noise by playing a video game with headphones; the over-the-ear kind. However, in quiet periods of the game I could still make out the faint cries. If they were "I am a brat" cries, then I could ignore them. The baby is legit in pain, and sounds like it. I would try to help, since I do know the neighbor a bit, but I don't want to embarrass her by saying "I hear your baby is teething, here are suggestions!" She would feel mortified if she thought she was disturbing her neighbors.

So I think the only socially acceptable solution to this is to simply suck it up and pretend it isn't happening.
3 weeks ago
I like this one...  "It's weird that we cook bacon and bake cookies. Eat this tiny ad:"
3 weeks ago
I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside

But I find myself unable to think happy thoughts. Nature doesn't give neighbors hormones that make us love the little bawling shits. It triggers murderous rage instead. I haven't felt this irrationally angry at something since the last time I caught my headphone cord on the door knob and it pulled them out of my ear. Fun fact... Nature prevents you from blocking out the sound of a crying baby. I have been genetically programmed to pick baby wails out of a stream of 120 decibel noise.

I am venting... but I hope I don't have to put up with this noise for several days per tooth.(Thats what the internet said).

3 weeks ago
Some other uses of is a flaxseed sourdough bread I baked. Nutella is best on this bread. I was very proud of how damn pretty these loaves turned out.
3 weeks ago
About the hydrogenated nature of the vegetable oil, it only causes problems when you eat it. It is still just an arrangement of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen. The hydrogenation process attaches more hydrogen to the unsaturated fat to make it saturated. The reason artificially hydrogenated oils are "bad", is that the resulting fat molecule is too rigid and not as pliable as real saturated fat when it gets used in cell walls. When burned, there is no problem. In fact, using vegetable shortening(like Crisco) as an emergency lighting source is a pretty good idea. In the old days, they used to use tallow, and vegetable shortening took the place of tallow for lots of things.
Safe to burn crisco candles and breathe the fumes? - and other ideas for oil lamp sources
1 month ago