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Well the good thing is it looks like plenty of room for a RMH.

I think the best fit would be an 8" batch rocket similar to the entire bell heater on https://batchrocket.eu/en/applications.

I recommend looking at https://www.firespeaking.com/portfolio/ for some ideas of the design, then doing some research on Peter's site, batchrocket.eu and finding a good schematic to work off.
1 month ago
That does seem a little too hot if you cannot keep your hand on the stovepipe. My cleanouts on my bench are to hot too hold my hand on, but I can keep my hand on the single wall that goes up to the ceiling.

Another option not mentioned is to extend the initial bell that houses your heat riser. It isn't ideal to increase the height of the barrel as you don't want it too close to your ceiling is, but you could get much more ISA with adding a quarter or half barrel on top, clamping them, then adding mass by cobbing up the sides of the barrel with a little bit of refractory wool or paper to protect the cob from cracking. Either that or you could take the current barrel off and just raise that with bricks or more cob.
1 month ago
I did this method last year and was making a new pile each weekend. From my experience the coffee and leaves are some of the best materials for the compost. I was also adding urine soaked sawdust too and had crazy hot compost.
1 month ago
The shape of the pipe will prevent it from being crushed as it is firmly packed in place by the other drain material. Most of the weight will disperse around the pipe.

The pipe serves to add an easy path for lots of water to drain fast--it also helps direct water in the drainage if your trench doesn't go all the way to daylight. You could have the pipe be the only thing that leads away from the foundation, thus reducing the amount of drainage material you need.

So no to your title question, you don't have to have the drain pipe.
1 month ago
I'm of the assumption that anyone can adapt to the cold, it is innate in our evolution as humans. You can condition simply by finishing your normal routine of shower with cold water for two or three minutes. Before you know it, your circulation will be better and you wont get cold feet and hands when the temp drops inside.

However, the cold can be miserable from a Permie point of view. I can't wait for spring to start planting, taking care of indoor plants is just not the same. I would love to live in a region with a winter I can garden through, but thats the price for solitude.

1 month ago
January 12, 7 pm via Zoom. Wild Plant Foraging with Thomas J. Elpel

Bring your appetite for spring and join Thomas J. Elpel, author of Botany in a Day and Foraging the Mountain West, for an evening of virtual foraging. Learn about the patterns method of plant identification to instantly recognize scores of wild edible plants. Learn to identify and avoid serious poisonous plants while harvesting and celebrating nature’s green abundance. Learn how to feast on wild edibles while maintaining sustainable practices and navigating issues of native vs. nonnative species. Discover new delights you will never find at the store. Connect with nature on a deeper level by meeting, greeting, and eating the plants that share the neighborhood. Become a little more self-sufficient, and a lot more aware!

Bio: Thomas J. Elpel had the rare opportunity as a child to spend hundreds of hours with his grandmother, Josie Jewett. Together they explored the hills and meadows near Virginia City, Montana, collecting herbs, looking for arrowheads, and watching wildlife. Grandma Josie mentored Tom in learning about wild plants and self-sufficiency, igniting a passion for nature that has inspired him ever since. He shares his experiences through classes and writing. Elpel is the founder of Green University, LLC (www.GreenUniversity.com) and the author/producer of numerous books, games, and DVDs about nature, botany, wilderness survival, and sustainable living.

Time: Jan 12, 2021 07:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

1 month ago

The thing I have an issue with social media is what to post and how many times a week. Is there a magic number?

We are lucky enough to have a staff member who does all this for us. But I would start with two or three facebook posts every week. Post about what is going on in the library, but also what is happening in the community. Libraries often forget they are the intermediary many times between the public and any and all resources available to them. Post what a local history center is doing, or find interesting zoom tours available for free.
1 month ago
Hi, sorry to hear about your librarian passing away.

I am the community librarian at the Bitterroot Public Library in Hamilton, MT. I use Zoom for book clubs, meetings with the State Library, conferencing with speakers, and hosting interesting presentations to the public. It works very well.

Our Friends group is a bit quiet right now do to covid, but we normally do have a large book sale each year. A previous library I worked for has done a Chocolate and Authors meet and greet each year that was always successful. Basically a large group of volunteers baking sweets and getting as many local authors together. Again, this would be post pandemic.

Make sure you have a vibrant social media presence, advertise the library's goings ons as well as your own.

As the vaccine becomes readily available, in person programming and events are going to be doable within the next six or seven months most likely. Plan a big "welcome back to the library" party. It will culminate with summer so have the library do a plant or seed swap.

A great friends fundraising program is to do a 5k for the library.

1 month ago
Hello everyone, in the time of pandemics and in my case a frozen winter landscape, I miss my in person interactions with other likeminded permaculturists. I have been thinking along the lines of a monthly meet and greet group where we can discuss the finer points of permaculture, projects we are working on, anything permies related on an online zoom platform. It is my hope that this can transform into an group that engages in great discussion. Anything is on the table for this so if it sounds interesting, please say so as a comment and I will start planning a date for this to happen. If not, we will let this thread age and die in the land where unanswered threads go.

I am involved with my local sustainability group and climate action group so I will also be opening it up to them as well. Of course this would not happen until roughly february. Thought I would throw it out there! Cheers and stay healthy!
Thanks jay, I have a floorplan that is pretty close to accurate.
2 months ago