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Recent posts by Andre Garcia

Thanks for the input, i actually have a very similar idea in mind.
My biggest obstacles are acquiring funds for a project of that scale and also finding labor or building a team whom is willing to put in the work.
10 months ago
Hey Permies,

I'm Andre, a single 26 yo male with a huge passion for nature and sustainable living. I currently reside in Southern California (Ventura) working for my family's manufacturing company but i would like to set out on my own path and start a farm on the family property which is located in the Western Sierra Foothills. The property consists of 50 acres of gentle rolling hills and a communal lake that is shared with several other properties. The property was used for cattle ranching but as of now, it is vacant and could use some regenerative farming practices to bring it to the beautiful oasis i have been dreaming of.
I would really like to set out with a team of passionate hard working individuals working towards the same goal of creating an abundant food forest in the middle of what seems to be a food desert.
i have many ideas of how i would like to manage the land but i would like to hear what you might have to offer.
i know i am leaving many details out but for now i really just want to see if this sparks anyone's interest.
If this interest you at all, reply with a short introduction of yourself and we will see if we can make some magic happen.

Thank You,

11 months ago