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Recent posts by Jake Parkhurst

Thank you so much for listing those resources Jesikah! It sounds like your book is really well thought out! I am definitely going to have to read your book.

After reading the red mars, green mars, blue mars trilogy, I am interested in learning more about eco domes. It is really interesting how technology shapes political maneuvering.
5 years ago
Hello Jesikah (and everyone else)!

Were there particular books on how to build ecodomes that you used in your research for your novel?

I remember watching a documentary on an ecodome experiment and one of the issues they dealt with was concrete absorbing all of their oxygen. I wonder if there are any comprehensive text on ecodome design...

Thank you,
5 years ago
Welcome and thank you for answering questions!
5 years ago
Hello Paul Wheaton Permaculture Podcast Curators,

Is it me, do does the link to download no longer work?

Thank you!
~A pod person
Any thoughts as to whether rocket mass heaters burn hot enough to break down black newspaper ink (carbon) to make water and carbon dioxide?

I suppose color inks would still be an issue since they contain metals (cadmium, iron, chromium, sulfur, titanium, etc.)
What Chemicals are Used in Newspaper Ink?
8 years ago
Here are a few sites that only offer products with life warranties:



Does anyone have any others?
8 years ago
I am posting here because Ant Village immediately came to mind, but I imagine that there are many different folks here on Permies that this could apply to:

I live in a housing co-op and we received the following email:
"Hi There,

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is Stephanie Lewis I'm a casting director working with MTV’s award-winning docu-series “True Life.” We are currently searching for young people who have, or who plan to leave conventional city life by joining a modern intentional community.

I wondered if anyone currently living with you, or who may be joining you soon, might be interested in the opportunity. I have posted our general casting announcement below, and I'd be happy to answer any questions for you. Please let me know if you can recommend anyone, as we'd love to share the journeys of a few young people for the show.

Thanks so much.


On this episode of “True Life” we’ll meet a few young people who have left the restrictions of traditional society behind, and who have joined a self-sustaining community. Do you dream of quitting the rat race to live amongst like-minded people in a rural area? Have you already left conventional society and have been immersed in communal life for a while? Are you considering leaving your commune to re-join conventional society? Whether you’re thinking of joining, have joined, or you’re thinking of leaving a commune, we’d like to talk to you.

If you are 18 or older, and have or are about to live on a commune, please send an email to [not going to put someone's email in public view pm me for the info] with your name, location, and a brief summary and photo of yourself.

Does this sound exciting to any of the Ants?

8 years ago
Thank Ranson, the link now works.
8 years ago