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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
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Recent posts by Nicole Alderman

My son's current reaction to dogs, or any animal he finds scary, is to run around frantically screaming and even lie down on the ground in panic. Basically, everything that one SHOULD NOT do when encountering a scary animal. We've been working really hard to

(1) Train him to see when an animal is aggressive and when it is nice
(2) Teach him to be calm and walk away slowly without glaring at the animal or turning his back
(3) If #2 fails, teach him to wave his arms to make himself look big and yell at the dog in an authorative voice, not a scared one.

Animals sense fear. I was taught this at a young age. So I always try to act unafraid and calm my emotions to ones that aren't frightened, even if I am terrified that a dog is going to bite my kids. It works. We have some aggressive heel-biters nearby that sometimes come out and bark viciously and follow us for a block. Lots of our neighbors have been bit by these dogs. We have not. We stay calm, we keep our eyes forward, we keep walking, and we talk in non-fearful tones. Now the dogs don't even follow us and often don't even come out to bark at us.

I also never carry a weapon, not even pepper spray. THis isn't for any "I'm not scared of animals" reason, it's because I'm more afraid of accidently firing it or having my kids get a hold of it when we're out and about. It's the same reason I would never want a gun when I was a school teacher. The risk of an attacker is much less than the risk of it misfiring in my untrained hands.

That being said, if someone is trained with a firearm and knows that their kids won't get a hold of it, then I see no reason to not carry it "just in case." It doesn't hurt anything for that trained person to carry it, and there's a chance (albeit small) that they might need it to protect themselves.
1 day ago
I have never shaved my legs. Not even once! I do have light, thin hairs, so that probably helps. But, really, the reason I never started was that as I teenager I heard all the time from older ladies how they wished they'd never started shaving. It seemed like a big hassle, so I told myself I'd never shave unless my future husband cared about stuff like. Fast-forward a few years, and I met my now-husband and told him about my unshaved legs. He thought it was the coolest thing ever, and hoped I'd never shave them. I found a keeper alright!

I do however shave my armpits. I tried for months to not shave them, but they start feeling uncomfortable after a month of growth. I just don't like the feel of long hair under there, so I shave them every week or so. But, since it's a small area, I've used the same razor for over 111 years (I bought a new one, and it got as dull as my first after about 7 uses, so I went back to my old one!)
2 days ago
So, if someone wants some nitrogen-fixing corn, buying some of Joseph's landraces is a great place to start!

You rock, Joseph!

Edit: Do you know which of your sweet corns has the most nodules? Or, can the flint, grain, or flour corn be eaten as sweet corn? I obviously don't know much about corn!
2 days ago

Mike Barkley wrote:

A tiny frog hangs out on your beans all day so you find the cell phone & actually use it for something.

I did the same thing a month ago when I spotted a frog on our hydrangea! (Post on why we have hydrangeas)

We have trac phone that we bought over a year ago for a long drive. The minutes have all run out, BUT, the thing takes better pictures than the digital camera we bought (which cost even more than the trac phone--go figure), so we use the phone as our camera and that's the only reason we still have the thing!
2 days ago
I think we need one of these. My husband recently got his first chainsaw...he's never used one before, and it's a little electric. We've got a large pile of red alders to cut up. They're 2-7inches in diameter. They LOVE to roll when he's cutting them with the chainsaw. He hasn't discovered a way to stabilize the logs when sawing. They're all in a nice pile, facing the same direction, but he doesn't know how to keep them from rolling (any tip/stricks for stabalizing logs when cutting them in a pile? I see my dad doing it all the time, but I've never inspected his technique.) So far, my husband has been sticking them into a cinderblock so the cinderblock holds it. He cuts both sides of the log, chucks the cut piece, into the wheelbarrow for me to stack, and then puts the log back into the cinderblock to cut again. He's bending quite a bit doing this, and since the logs are light and small, I'm thinking a sawbuck would speed things up?
3 days ago
My property taxes, on 5 acres with a manufactured home, are $4,256. We bought the place for $200,000 6 years ago. Now the estimated value is $324,000, and my taxes will be higher next year.

My parents have 1 acre, and they're 30 minutes closer to Seattle, and their house is worth just over half a million, and their property taxes are $7,800. Just four years ago, their house was worth $200,000 less!

My brother is closer into the suburbs, on 1/4 acre, with a house valued at $450,000, and they have $7,000 in property taxes every year.

I'm glad we have good schools, libraries, fire departments and roads. But, it sure would be nice to not have to spend so large a portion of our income on property taxes!
3 days ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:
Let's hear it ladies. And let's break it down according to age. If a guy is 25 and he post some photos showing that he's in good shape, is that a negative?

Now suppose that he's 54 like I am, where much of the competition are flabby guys with man boobs. If I were still looking, would it work to my advantage, to display the results of my efforts, if I gave a little blurb explaining just how much time I put into it.

I'm 33 years old. I think the problem with these sorts of pictures is that they are all about the muscle. The feel like a cheep pick-up-line: something done JUST to get a girl, which is a turn off. Now, if there were pictures that showed a guy using his strength in useful or fun ways, without trying to show off, that might be better. A guy in a normal, not-baggy shirt in a "candid" picture, like climbing a tree or swinging an ax or pushing a broken-down car is about 100 times more attractive than a topless shirt of a guy posing in front of a camera. Now that I'm married, I love pictures where my husband's strength is featured, but I would have been totally turned off if he's sent me pictures when we were dating.  The more candid the picture is, the better, in my opinion. It's like saying, "Here I am, doing something I believe in/am good at/enjoy doing." The woman likes seeing what you're interested/passionate/strong in, and then ALSO notices that, "Oh wow, he's hot, too."  I picture that is just showing off muscle says, "You want me because I'm Hot" to which the woman thinks, "If all you're about is trying desperately to look hot to get laid, I don't want anything to do with you."

Of course, I'm not a "normal" woman, so I don't know how much of my advice applies to "normal" women...but then, I'm figuring guys here on permies are probably not looking for "normal" women. So, perhaps my opinion is still helpful.

I married more of a Luke Skywalker than a Hans Solo. I always thought Hans Solo was a bit of a jerk. I don't like jerks. But, I do know how many women have the urge to go for "bad guys," especially bad guys they feel they can "tame." The, I-killed-a-lion-and-was-going-to-go-fight-another-guy-for-his-lion-but-you-told-me-that-wasn't-nice,-so-I'm-not. They want all of the fierceness and strength, but they want it supporting and working with them, rather than doing whatever it wants all the time. What this ends up looking like in todays society is that they want jerks that they think they can turn into not-jerk...which doesn't work most of the time. BUT, I'm thinking a guy can show strength and daring without being a jerk, and they might be as successful at "getting a girl."

I think it also depends on what kind of girl a guy is looking for. There ARE girls that like nice, dependable guys. These girls are a bit more rare, and not often part of normal dating scenes. Being a jerk will almost certainly turn these girls away, while it might attract the other type of girl. The question is, who do you want to be with?

As for the amount of muscle tone on a guy, here's a useful picture:

I think it's generally accepted that most women are attracted to something between the 10-20% on that chart. The 6-7% is a little too muscular, but not gross like the 3-4%. The 25% is a bit flabby, but also not gross or off-putting. The 25% is like "Okay, this person has other focuses than being strong, but they don't look unhealthy."

Frankly, when I met my husband, I was 19 and he was 22. He was around the 25% mark. I honestly didn't care one bit about whether or not he was muscular. He was strong, and not too overweight, and had some acne and a great smile. Rather than appearances, I was more interested in whether or not he was nice, liked Jesus, was funny, was weird, and was someone I could talk deeply with. A few years into our marriage, he became all about paleo/primal eating, and he got a lot a lot stronger. He's now somewhere around the 12%, and I think he's hot... but I  thought he was hot the whole time he was getting stronger. I'm more interested in him, than in his appearances.
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