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We are about to end our Full Package Signups for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online with over 55 teachers now involved!!

Join us!!
4 months ago
That's no typo: the ebook is FREE for a limited time - all 374 pages of it which took over 2 years of daily 10+ hr work to complete. I want you to have it. It's that important.

It's the only fully-cited global permaculture textbook available since Bill Mollison's great work Permaculture: A Designer's Manual, which in many spots is out of date (soil, fungi, alternative energy, social permaculture, large landscape repair, ocean restoration, riparian restoration, etc). It's the only permaculture peer-reviewed textbook, and it also has many peer editors that helped shape the book long before printing (I hope this is the start of a trend in collaborative editing & reviewing - for accuracy sake!) It's also the first high school/college level textbook designed for that purpose, and it's yours free to download and read:

It's only for a limited time though while I'm running the Kickstarter for the Advanced Permaculture Student Online course to accompany this new textbook with over 30 amazing educators and experts (of which I'm sure you know most but have never heard of them all together in one course). It will be the first advanced permaculture course to have career paths built into it, so we can send out The Regenerative Career Guide to guidance counselor's offices everywhere - we need to create a way for the mainstream to pick up permaculture and make it part of our culture. Healing the earth has to become a way of life and livelihood. Here's the team so far:

Join us for an incredible course & share it with your friends & family - we are close to making Permaculture part of everyone's palette of options in schooling and professional life
The Advanced Permaculture Student Online Kickstarter

11 months ago


Radical Mycology is AMAZING!! It's the Big Black Book of Mycology (like Bill Mollison's Big Black Book of Permaculture). It's sitting within arms reach of me right now
2 years ago
Looking for a FREE Introduction to Permaculture to watch as a family?

Check out The Permaculture Student Online Week 1 - it's a holistic introduction to permaculture plus coloring, K-12 activities, worksheets, seed saving, & seed to table cooking for 12 weeks, so enjoy this introduction & glimpse into the course
2 years ago
Just sent this out!! I'd love to see some traffic from on there! As of yet, there's been zero!! Join the party & support permaculture in schools, get your copy of a comprehensive, peer-reviewed textbook designed for high schools but readable to all adults:

2 years ago
Superb! I'd love to write about that!!

Process on The Permaculture Student 2:

So my process is I made volume 1 to be a clear, academic reference, so the definitions are based entirely on principles and examples are more generalized and the entire form of the piece streamlined because I didn't include data figures, detailed examples, and detailed, conditional situations all of which come with application, right? So the first volume is really an introduction that is a perfect foundation for all permacultural understanding. That's part of why it took over 500 editors. The process this time has actually taken much longer as I've had to get more information and education often from the experts themselves or the expensive textbooks that all of us hesitate to buy (well I bought them since I'm a business and it's a tax write off!! ) I've been sourcing the most recent, up-to-date books that take Bill Mollison's great work and updates sections, adds sections, and rewrites sections. Here are just a few examples: we have an entire Fungi chapter and it will be reviewed by Peter McCoy, author of Radical Mycology, we'll have an alternative energy section reviewed by Troy Martz and the Ernie & Erica Wisner, I've rewritten much of what Bill wrote on soils simply because of Dr. Elaine Ingham's groundbreaking (pun intended) research, we'll have a large landscape repair section checked over by Neal Spackman who will also be looking over everything, and we will be included Holistic Management for Decision Making & cattle management as well as Keyline according to Darren Doherty. There are literally dozens of experts involved. Many of the folks from the last book are also helping again - it's really exciting. This book will include information from Eric Toensmeier's new book Carbon Farming as well as Priority One by Alan Yeomans (yes, PA Yeomans son!!) as well as The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone and the Permaculture City by Toby Hemenway.

My process is basically what it was as a teacher: identify the key criteria, organize it so that it is as widely understandable linguistically yet keeping it on grade level cognitively, organize it in a framework that builds structured meaning as you learn, iterates to remind without being repetitive, and is rooted in real-life examples that pair with principles to give students a working example that they can apply to new situations. I am in essence a filter and a picture frame. The least influence I have over the truth the better; I just need to get out of the way between the truth & their consciousness. Hopefully that makes sense

Building without Repeating:

Since I've always been sourcing richer materials than what I put out, and because I've been teaching at different levels for so long, I was able to just move up a cognitive level & expand the content without much difficulty.

All in all it's really really exciting!

I hope you all check it out! I'm trying to keep it as current and as thorough as possible by including everyone on the scene in its construction and review.

2 years ago
We just passed the 50% marker just before the end of Day 3!! Thank you Karl, our first backer!!!

Our Kickstarter Page
2 years ago
Thank you Liz!!

Here's an excerpt not featured on the Kickstarter:
2 years ago