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Thank you for the inside look! I always benefit from seeing other teachers' methods - this was very cool! Thanks!
10 months ago

Mike Haasl wrote:Hey Matt, I followed the download directions but when I clicked to download it, my virus protection program went crazy.  McAfee classifies it as "Malicious Downloads".  Not sure why but I figured I'd let you know.

And I REALLY appreciate the headsup - that's been setup the same way for downloading for years now without complaint and I'm a solopreneur so I'm not double-checking systems setup years ago, so knowing Hightail has degraded is critical for me! THANK YOU!!
1 year ago
HighTail used to be a reputable sharing program - I need to fix that.

I'll just post it here for you all!
1 year ago

Nathanael Szobody wrote:Why look further that Molison's Permaculture Handbook?

Bill's work has outdated, out of print, and disproved science - I spent years with dozens of experts updating it. Even the new Italian translation of Bill's work required a lot of updating for it to be accurate and was done with Lisa Mollison's blessing.

If it's an academic work, it MUST be updated regularly with current research.

It's also standard practice to get peer-reviewers and to align things to standards. Both those aspects never were approached with Bill's work - his best book, the Designer's Manual, is rested upon 70s & 80s science. If you've been following science for the past 20 years, we've been having groundbreaking discoveries every few weeks.

You can download a FREE copy of The Permaculture Student 2 which is peer-reviewed, accredited by a gov't body (the 1st in North America), and is cited with recent and cutting edge regenerative science:

It's a human right to know how to live regeneratively - that's why this project which took years and dozens of professionals is FREE!!

AND if that's too advanced: It's high school and college-level technically and aligned to NGSS, NSES, & Permaculture Education standards, then you can get a PDC ON PAPER here for FREE as well:
This was written based on Geoff Lawton's Online PDC with his blessing - he had it translated to Arabic and uses it in his Greening the Desert Arabic PDCs! You can download it FREE now!

Grow Abundantly, Learn Daily, & Live Regeneratively,

Matt Powers
1 year ago
Hey! Matt Powers here

Over the past 6 years, I've developed high school/collegiate, middle school, and K-12 programs for permaculture.

My high school teacher's guide is standard-based: NGSS, NSES, & Permaculture Education Standards, and comes with lesson plans, book lists, projects, and more, so students of all learning modalities can thrive. (I have a Masters degree in Education)

The Advanced Permaculture Student Online, my high school/collegiate/adult program, is the only program in North America that is accredited by a government body, peer-reviewed, fully cited, and a full year of curriculum.


Only $50 a month on 50% Payment Plan for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online:



I am an environmental science student at Georgia State and I have learned more in this course than my 4 years at this University. Thank you for everything Matt, I know our time together isn't over just yet, but I want to express my gratitude for everything you've done for all of us students and for the regenerative community as a whole. - Alex Kerr

And then we met Matt. I want to tell you, he is the real deal. He is as energetic and passionate in person as he is on his videos, if not more so! As we learned more about Matt and about permaculture, we realized that his course was the answer to our situation, not only in helping us achieve our goals but in a responsible and regenerative way. - Synthia Carlisle

This course is World Class! I love the info. I own a company and work 70 hours a week. This is the best course I have ever taken on this subject. Matt Powers ROCKS!!! -Mike Garcia

I really thought I knew something about nature. I feel like I have to review it again to properly build schema. Just in the last two weeks I learn nature is a new science with a lot of niches to fill in. So many gaps in education. We should be teaching this to our children. Imagine the potencial of human race's evolution if we all start with this kind of basic understanding of nature early on in our education system. Geoff Lawton's PDC completely changed my understanding of nature, but this course is just taking it to a whole new level. Future now looks more feasible. We have to set a good example so we can properly inoculate people around us. We are really living in a nature illiterate society, our biggest challenge is to fully understand the impact of community building in nature and society. Thank you Matt for all your effort to put all this information together, it is really powerful and empowering. - Thiago

I got my B.S. in Biology in 1995. I have been looking for a way to go to grad school ever since. This course and your programs are so much more efficient at delivering information - resulting in the competency of students. Not to mention the real world experience of your guest teachers and students. I cannot think of way to continue my education than what you are offering and this community. Thank you to everyone. - RJ Cox

1 year ago
Thank you so much to all those that have already joined!!
For those that haven't, you don't want to miss this:

Soil is the lynchpin to life as we know it. It’s where carbon is stored, where all life comes from and returns, and it’s also the living foundation for all life on land and sea. If we want to restore our environment, economy, and health FAST, we have to work with soil and not just in one area, but in ALL areas. We have to make SOIL a permanent part of our culture.

...BUT Many of us have NO IDEA how to build, remediate, enrich, and manage healthy soils.


Turn All Your Waste That Can Decompose Into Amazing Soil
Reverse Erosion & Heal Degraded Soil
Turn Clay, Sand, & Silt Into Rich Chocolaty Loam
Absorb & Store Tons of Water = Water Less
Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants = Healthy Animals & People
Healthy Soils Have Natural Antidepressants In Them
Partner with Plants, Microbes, Animals, Machines, & More To Build Soil
Save Money, Time, Effort, Pain, & Suffering
There ARE reasons why that compost pile failed, and there ARE shortcuts, rich soil hacks, and serious money-making insights. There’s also real, radical clarity, micro to macro fluency, holistic soil skills for daily living and working, and even partnering with the unknown and mysterious edges of what we know in science… so if you want to dig deep into permaculture soil science and solutions, please join us, back this campaign, back the book, the course, and let’s leverage the greatest lynchpin in the Regenerative Soil Revolution.

Turn your Dirt into Soil, your Blackwater into Fertilizer, your Problems into Solutions with Permaculture Soil Science & Solutions!!

1 year ago
But with perennials, you would have to till it right? That would be a loss right there and extra work as well as it messes up the soil food web. With this annual mix, it can be chopped and dropped in place without tillage forming a new layer of organic matter and then soil that has no seeds in it IF you cut before they form OR if you flail mow it while the seeds are still green it will become soil without much of anything sprouting in it next season. It forms a clean slate.
1 year ago
Cowpeas - there was a study done with cowpeas and corn and cowpeas in a season provided the most nitrogen fixation and biomass production. Perennial legumes grow fast but retain most of their form each year: the cowpeas are annuals and give up their entire bodies but for seeds each year.

Yes all together they go. I'll make a video sowing them in the spring for folks
1 year ago
These are heavily broadcast - "throw sow"
1 year ago