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Interesting - so ocean restoration hasn't hit here. I was the first to include it in permaculture and it's slowly spreading. The fact is the coasts are the leverage point of the oceans and that's why we've been able to affect them so greatly, so as part of the advanced permaculture curriculum that I teach with dozens of experts from around the world we include it but only because we have folks in those areas who are experts.
2 weeks ago
The ancient city is Mexico city the most populous place on earth when Spaniards stumbled upon it and apparently according to some is again the most populous. The chinampas feed and in antiquity fed the people of Mexico City
2 weeks ago
My wife just returned from Xochimilco MX filming the restoration of the Aztec Chinampas and we are creating a documentary on it. Where should I post pictures about it?

ALSO Where should we be posting about Ocean Restoration since that is a key component of Permaculture and 70% of the World is Water - it is VITAL we address the Big BLUE Elephant in the room

Here's a couple pics  of the Chinampas:

Support the documentary & watch it or own it - click here: CLICK HERE
2 weeks ago
Why haven't we seen these already?

For me as a professional educator, not having standards makes it a joke to create lesson plans because what would you align your assessments, activities, and objectives with? How would you organize 180 days of learning? It's Time for Standards, Teacher's Guides, and MORE, so we can get Permaculture into the K-12 system as the FOUNDATION FOR ALL EDUCATION, not an elective, but the lens through which all subjects flow. Though I've written the textbooks, I've only created what I call "camp curriculum" for summer camps actually but schools are now using them - this freaks me out lol because it means that teachers are not being trained in principles first, not creating their own lesson plans from scratch, and are using flawed textbooks instead of crafting their own as I did for years as a public charter school teacher and this is likely why I've created 12+ K-12 permaculture books in the past 3 years. I'm almost ready to release the standards for comment and I'll do so here and on my website after the peer reviewers and I pass it back and forth editing it for a bit. If you'd like to support this project and to get yourself a copy of the standards, lesson plans, best practices, and even detailed critiques of current standards (NGSS, NSES, Environmental Literacy, & California's Environmental Initiative), then you can preorder your copy of this book here: CLICK HERE

Expect your copy Nov/Dec 2018 We are almost done - just doing final review and editing before the peer reviewing begins!!  CLICK HERE
2 weeks ago
Have you considered getting your APDC?
it's quite different than the PDC set of information and the drawing or graphic designs exercise requirements. In The Advanced Permaculture Student Online, an APDC is only earned through making a project REAL. Based on research-based and classroom-proven best practices in eduction as well as the ONLY Peer-Reviewed Curriculum Available as well as the only cited global permaculture curriculum since Mollison's 1989 work, The Advanced Permaculture Student Online (APSO) expands Permaculture (including Mycology, Ocean Restoration, Renewable Energy, Social Permaculture, & More) as it grounds it in current science and large scale, profitable real life examples. If you'd like to download the textbook, the first edition is FREE online HERE:

Watch More FREE Excerpts from the course Here:
Anyone can teach permaculture. It requires a PDC to teach a PDC. PDC Teacher layer was added later and is rarely seen IMHO.

What is also rare is professional educators teaching permaculture THOUGH I have a few dozen I'm working with in my advanced permaculture course right now and I'm working on the Permaculture Education Standards too, so much more to come!!
1 month ago
We are about to end our Full Package Signups for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online with over 55 teachers now involved!!

Join us!!
6 months ago
That's no typo: the ebook is FREE for a limited time - all 374 pages of it which took over 2 years of daily 10+ hr work to complete. I want you to have it. It's that important.

It's the only fully-cited global permaculture textbook available since Bill Mollison's great work Permaculture: A Designer's Manual, which in many spots is out of date (soil, fungi, alternative energy, social permaculture, large landscape repair, ocean restoration, riparian restoration, etc). It's the only permaculture peer-reviewed textbook, and it also has many peer editors that helped shape the book long before printing (I hope this is the start of a trend in collaborative editing & reviewing - for accuracy sake!) It's also the first high school/college level textbook designed for that purpose, and it's yours free to download and read:

It's only for a limited time though while I'm running the Kickstarter for the Advanced Permaculture Student Online course to accompany this new textbook with over 30 amazing educators and experts (of which I'm sure you know most but have never heard of them all together in one course). It will be the first advanced permaculture course to have career paths built into it, so we can send out The Regenerative Career Guide to guidance counselor's offices everywhere - we need to create a way for the mainstream to pick up permaculture and make it part of our culture. Healing the earth has to become a way of life and livelihood. Here's the team so far:

Join us for an incredible course & share it with your friends & family - we are close to making Permaculture part of everyone's palette of options in schooling and professional life
The Advanced Permaculture Student Online Kickstarter

1 year ago


Radical Mycology is AMAZING!! It's the Big Black Book of Mycology (like Bill Mollison's Big Black Book of Permaculture). It's sitting within arms reach of me right now
2 years ago