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Recent posts by vandana purohit
You said no to chemical bombing..which i makes sense and not an option for us.

However, I want to know how you feels about..and if you've any experience with cedar fogging?

we've a flea infestation..hardwood floors most places with rugs. top floor has some wall to wall carpet.

i will certainly be using your recommendations in article but it's going to be a lot of work with diamataceous earth.....and i'm pregnant and a month away from being due. all the vaccuuming and laundry..
i'll be keeping AC on to keep it as dry as possible in home. using the DE on rugs.

but cedar actually kills eggs/larvae as well. and they their product (cedarcide) is non-toxic.. so no cleanup after. of course still lot of laundry to do and vaccuuming..but still it's soupposed to be a one-time shot. well two.. they say to do it again after 3 days to be sure. but the fogging..if done thoroughly as they explain in their video..should kill everything....adults, eggs/larvae, etc..

If you've any experience with cedar, and cedarcide product....i'd love to know your opinion. i've to get all this done before labor starts/baby comes. having a homebirth.

p.s. we've no pets.. but had got lot of in woodsy area...or it could be my husband brought home fleas as for last several weeks he had to work in people's homes and ran into lots of households with pets. we just dont know where it came from..maybe our 5 year old playing in slighly moist grass with squirrles/chipmunks around.. we've a racoon or two i see.. birds nest nearby. we live in Silver Spring, MD...close to Wash DC.

4 years ago
Where in maryland are you? i live near downtown Silver Spring.. could you use some help when you start back up?
6 years ago