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Recent posts by Sean Benedict

I set myself up with a package at Lehman's Hardware. The snath is adjustable and has been working for me pretty well so far. My technique still needs work but I haven't hurt myself yet, which is nice.
5 years ago
The quickest fix would be to recreate the file from the source. Would that be something Ernie and Erica would have to do? A 20% failure rate sounds like some of the client machines are the problem. Whatever's wrong with the file is probably pretty subtle and may not even be something 'wrong' but something 'different'. Variables include the software used to generate the pdf (was it Acrobat?), the version and the OS. On the client side, the same variables apply. Additionally, there's the fun of corruption introduced during the file transfer but that's more rare these days and is solvable by just downloading again.
Any more windows planned? I'm chronically late to the party.
I actually posted this before reading it all the way through. There's actually a fairly solid reference to Permaculture in the second half.
5 years ago
By George Monbiot

Perhaps nothing new to this crowd, but it's good to see something like this in a more 'mainstream' media outlet.
5 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:Nicole, you could party like you are backer number ...

I see what you did there...

I wonder how many others did. Probably a disappointing few.

Also, it would be kind of cool if there were 2015 backers at the end...kinda.
5 years ago
Since I'm a last minute sort of guy, I finally put in my pledge. Hopefully my CC goes through OK. I noticed just as I hit submit that I omitted the last letter of my surname. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
5 years ago
It's becoming less illegal to catch rainwater in the western U.S.
5 years ago
Great information, guys! Thanks!

I had no idea Baltmotors had an English site. They're main site didn't seem to have a link.

Perhaps some industrious Alaskan or Montanan entrepreneur will get into the Snowdog importing business.
5 years ago
Does anyone know anything about importing goods from Russia?

These would be super useful on a snowy piece of land and much cheaper and easier to maintain and transport than a full blown snowmobile.

Baltmotor Barboss site translated to English.

These guys aren't the only manufacturers of this item. They're just the reason I even found out about them.

Anyone know a good translation of MOTOBUKSIROVSCHIKI?? The best I can come up with is moto towing or moto tug.

Is this is a fairly uniquely Russian device with no analog in the US?
5 years ago