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Recent posts by Eugene Rominger

An not completely formed idea :

1st month $100+ X for 1 month of food...

at end of month the 'gapper wrangler' adds up the value of hours worked - the value of broken stuff or jobs done badly.

wangler issues wheaton meal coupons in that value

bonus coupons for hard workers ... redeemable for extra desert or lunch with Paul or feeding friends ....any candy you can think off and assign a value to.

in other words you earn next months ( or quarter) meals this month.

1.2 cents worth
9 years ago
YouTube repository of all knowledge....TROMBE

Not super easy to add to a existing home but very easy to include in a new homes design.

*Edit* It has occurs to me that cob would be a great material for a trombe wall and quite easy to do

Doggoneit i thought i had invented this idea .

9 years ago
It would be easy to "pay" an Ant for each Vlog entry using patreon
9 years ago
I have been thinking hard on how to reorder life to let me join the 'ANT' challenge.
Annnd, imposable this year however.

IF i Could:

would Ant's be able use the lab's earth moving equip. on property? (x hours of gapping = 1 day of rental {including a qualified operator})
Or the lumber mill (x Hours gapping = 1 tree milled) Um, you should set a max % of the trees cut on each arce.
and to be clear is this part of the lab allow the use of power tools, generators ect.

So... despite having listened to all 300+ Podcasts.
I have no idea how you feel about the use of cargo containers on the property.
one could bolt a container onto a Log skid and use it as temp. housing/shop space.

as for the long term home i envision a wofati style earthbag shelter w/ earthship elaments.

sigh i should stop before Paul starts feeling like the D.O.M.F.B
9 years ago
this vid on Natural plastering is due out soon the art and science of nateral plaster.

also a good resource for info and like minded peoples
9 years ago
suggestion: add a link to the kick starter project that this tread is referring to.

9 years ago
Paul , Your vision of the lab will never be as clear to another person as it is to you.
Even if each person gets %80 of your vision few of them will miss the Same %20.

Micromanaging them all is not something you have the bandwidth for.
I believe that you need a 'shop foreman' or even an 'office manager'.
Share your vision with him/her.
let the Foreperson herd the cats, check in when you can and tune in the final %20.

Tim & Kristie are a rare and powerful team, let them trouble shoot and support for the crew.
9 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:Drying meat with propane probably isn't going to work well. When propane burns, it gives off a LOT of water.

And co2. I would worry about creating an anaerobic environment!

also if you are using steel wire mesh instead of zinc plated mesh because of health concerns I strongly suggest SS Wire.
FWI feed stores will sell Stainless steel wire fairly cheap (for elec. fences and general repaires)
9 years ago
Some times if you stop worrying at a problem a solution will arise.
A suggestion would be to hire 'Professional cleaners' to clean the areas that bother Jocelyn the most.
But, Make it clear to everyone the pros clean, Not pick up after or work for the gappers or guests.
Then post in the common area(s) that a gapper is preferred for the position and spell out all the responsibilities and duties.
Plus the wages you are willing to pay. ( I.E. money, discount ticket to classes, ... be creative.)

Odds are as soon as you relax and move on to other issues someone will volunteer for the position and own it.( with or without "magic boobies")
9 years ago
Shubhendu Sharma_ How to grow a tiny forest anywhere

TED Talks

His web site afforestt
9 years ago