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Recent posts by Chris Kay

Cutting edge observations and pattern recognition;

Garrett Hill: Laboratory Investigations into Nature | EU2017

Difficult to categorise this video as it  spans so many subjects of interest. Your suggestion as to settling on an appropriate location is appreciated.

Highlights for me were:
14:12 voltage effects on bee foraging
17:40 Electric field effects on wind blown pollination
31:35 Exhaust particulate oxidisation
4 weeks ago
the thread will never be over...

Super-Material Starlite Crucible Vs. Thermite

because; we are:-
2 months ago

Bill Crim wrote:

Paul Wheaton and Shawn Klassen-Koop discuss Paul's attempt to bring PEX/PEP (Permaculture Experience according to X, where in the current example it is P for Paul) to life.

Paul is constantly amazed at the lack of interest and progress on the Rocket Mass Heater front. Paul is baffled that the world is not beating down the RMH "door" to improve and document the technology and companies are not springing up to build shippable cores.

Really appreciated the PEP talk, pun intended.
I would like to point out that Paul's PEP system sounds very similar to karmaship's proof of experience blockchain. I see an opportunity to blend forces, and get those edges pushing forward in exciting directions! Do you want me to develop this potential link or are you carefully curating your intellectual property?
"As we develop the fully decentralized Proof of Experience protocol and Experience Marketplace, Karmaship is distributing its KMX coin via airdrops. The current system uses an internal economy design to both protect the newborn currency and stimulate organic growth via KMX Gatherers called 'Karmaconomy Ambassadors'. Becoming a Gatherer is easy! Just find a Genesis Experience near you and attend in person. Once Gathering, you will earn KMX every 30 seconds!"

Ah, Matt beat me to the post. I was wondering the same thing when I watched the video this morning before work.
If nothing else it would reduce wear on the feeder bricks, probably at the expense of aesthetics.
5 months ago
I’m currently considering 3D printing the elements required to construct a Disdyakis dodecahedron. Using mushroom media as a living mycilium “glue”.

The hubs could well be formed of durable ceramic, the struts / vertices a combination of bamboo and locally available substrate for Mycelium. I’m fortunate to have access to large quantities of spent coffee grounds.

The panels could be simply constructed with the method OP describes  but I’ve been imagining the re-use of food jars screwed into a 3D printed frame in an array to avoid the expense of dealing with glazing cut to scalene angles.

Living mycelium  does not suffer the  shrinkage that oven baked mushroom material does. It seems that the death of the organism is required to captalise on the forms companies construct. I’m not sure that I’m okay with that.

Frankly, I’ve not mentioned the integration of 3D printing and mycelium before on this forum because I dread a lecture on the use of appropriate technology and so far this is all thought – no action. Unless you count hours grappling with the beta open source freeCAD software application.

Viewing, and have convinced me that this open private project could be pretty Aesthetic, functional, frugal in resources and sound in intention. Please correct me if I’ve overlooked something fundamental!

Coder and Artist Michael Ang has done much of the math for this project already. I reached out to him with these musings and he responded that he too is considering employing inoculated media in 3D printer production.

See his relevant work here The Polygon Construction Kit (Polycon) -2014-2016

In my opinion, dome building is half the answer. A well constructed mycelium fused Disdyakis dodecahedron greenhouse should float on water. I envision that would be a benefit during a flood or a way to employ the centre of a large pond.

If you have the time watch the the inspiration for this train of thought check out:
Paul Burley: The Sacred Sphere - From Stone Circles to Higgs Boson [FULL LECTURE]

I value your perspective, especially if you have spotted a flaw in my thinking. Tell me now before I flow more energy into this!

Is this a good place top post any updates on my progression or should I open another thread?
8 months ago
"permies com" equates to:

*  Come Mrs Pie
*  Come Mr Pies
*  Mr Me So Epic
*  Ms More Epic

shamelessly selected from
9 months ago
Yay you guys! success, 2 of 2 on gmail via google chrome - linux ubuntu

Adrien Lapointe wrote:
Weird, this is the error that is raised when the api is out of service. Can you try again in the morning and clearing your cookies beforehand?

No luck on Wednesday at College, API error.

Followed up again at home this morning.

You do good work.

Mat Smith wrote:+1 for design plans!!!

Yeah put some serious thought into costing up what it would take to draft pro quality prints.

Also, you are going to want to engage the services of translators, captioning - subtitles and wot-not for world domination purposes.

Finally, keep a legal fund. Just saying.

Adrien Lapointe wrote:
Weird, this is the error that is raised when the api is out of service. Can you try again in the morning and clearing your cookies beforehand?

Got a full day of Horticultural education to British Standards I'm supposed to be cramming assignments right now.
I will do though as soon as possible. In fact. I'll make a note to try it from the college library.