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Recent posts by Thomas A. Cahan

... Another year passing! -- and Still seeking a Warm Heart to share Life's last miles    😌

.... If You have recently responded with no reply -- the feature here does not seem to be working wheras I can send a return message; If so, Please forgive the lack of response

... Is there a Caring Someone out there? -- it would be Soo Nice to connect... !!    ☺️
7 months ago
....  Another summer arriving! -- it would be Great to have a 'Someone' to share it with...  The years are passing by with ever-increasing speed -- is there an 'Other' out there that would enjoy some company in their later years?    
11 months ago
...  a warm sort of Winter this year! --- is there a Someone out there with a Warm Heart?  

....  it seems difficult nowadays when becoming aquainted to avoid stepping on the 'third rail' and suddenly ending communications due to someone's 'beliefs' --- which is of course part of the process ... Always best to approach Life as objectively as possible!   ---  but...  it still hurts ...  

... Soo --  like the old song ---- Keep Your Sunny Side Up!  
...  The Holidays are upon Us! - and heralded by an approaching Winter storm of considerable magnitude  

.... Is there a Permaculture Someone out there who enjoys quiet living? - the Years have become increasingly lonely as the World changes around us... few persons that have responded - as can be seen... non-electric 'Amish' life may be a bit Too 'sustainable' for the average  Female hominid    

... Would Anyone enjoy corresponding? - or be interested in exploring a viable partnering? - Do feel free to message! - it's not like there's a crowd to push through    

....  Best Wishes to All for the Holiday season!  
... Hello!  

...Ah! - I Did recognize Your name from the post so Bravely created and managed on the permies singles forum    

... So surprised to hear from You! (or Anyone for that matter)... indeed 'dating' these days (in any form) is like a visit to a wax museum that is criss-crossed with invisible 'third rails' should one transgress anothers' ideals or "deal breaker' parameters - which is both humiliating and inevitible    :b

.... So - we turn to simple communications with 'like-minded' individuals  and hope to avoid the blinding  blue thunderclap and smell of burnt hair and ozone by forgoing the 'selection process' altogether  

... I would fervently wish to be a viable option in Your 'quest'! - the difference in age renders me better suited as a mentor.... however I would be delighted to share my age-induced experience with any / all who may be interested in non-electric living or homesteading in general    

... You have a Wonderful and Gracious outlook and manner  and would be an irreplaceable asset to anyone fortunate enough to enjoy Your company    

... I apologize for the tardy response! - I finally had to replace my 'smart device' (my only technological concession and link to the outside world) and am still battling with the new one... I will happily forward photos (if requested) to offer insight to operations here  

...Thank You for Your message!  
- Thomas

..p.s. - the 'physique' per se is merely the result of homestead activities...  however I am abashed (yet flattered) to be complimented    
... I raised buns for 4 years with No pellets whatsoever!  .... I have a Lot of mulberry on that particular homestead so that was the bulk of their feed    

..... cutting the branches into straight sections before lobbing them to the buns provides you with straight peeled sticks of woodstove fuel when the buns are done with them    

.... I had these guys in a deep bedded community room with plenty of large waterers and hidey places.... they got tossed a handful of shell corn and BOSS as a treat every few days..... but they got whatever I scythed, pulled up, or collected as grass clippings with a bagging mower (dried in cheapo laundry baskets)    

... Do be Very careful not to include any toxic material.... Soft Maple leaves quickly resulted in the loss of several buns    

... I have found the best results to be: hand breeding, placing the does (tattooed for ID purposes) in the community room until 5 days prior to kindling, placing in individual hutches for kindling, rebreeding at 8 weeks,  and returning everybody to the community room (after tattooing the youngsters which are then members of the 'Black Ear Club') to give maximum results for miminal time and effort....    separate the young 'Hooligans' when they are about 4 or 5 months old to prevent unmonitored breeding  

.... I started with 'garage rabbits' .... after 2 years they were 8 to 10 lbs at 10 months of age and had thick beautiful pelts when dressed in December or January    

... I have had All classes of livestock and poultry..... Buns are the Best species for a homestead - Bar None    
1 year ago
..... Bump! - still here.. keeping busy - but still Longing for a Special Someone...    
Bump!!  - still awaiting that Special Someone.....  
2 years ago
... the lime may just be settling out; may be a good idea to fish them out and check for cracks etc so as to not find problems later    
.... the ratio used here is 4oz lime per gallon of water - so there is a considerable layer of lime at the bottom.
... muddy chickie feet here as well- lots of rain.... annoying to only have 1 or 2 clean eggs per dozen for the lime bucket! - one person can't eat up all the rest.... ideas anyone? - no way to lock the girls up; they feed themselves by free ranging... little chickie boots? - chickie foot mat at the nest box? - am unwilling to wash the bloom off the eggs going into the bucket; but need a solution...
2 years ago
.... Thank You for your kind message! - will email directly.    

... warm breezy night! -  a bright full moon; So much to share....

.... deer fencing under construction! - then garden beds installed; need longer days/more hands.... goats/chickens/rabbits supervise the proceedings.

2 years ago